Some people believe that a grill is equal to a fireplace but in summer. The reason is that everyone gravitates towards a grill.

Whenever a picnic plan or a beach party is considered, the first thing that makes people the most excited is the idea of outdoor cooking on a grill. Not only for picnics, but outdoor cooking on a grill has a special charm to the idea, and everyone who may not be so fond of cooking as such feels a thrill and excitement of having to cook and have an amazing experience to grill outside the bounds of your homely kitchens.

It is not uncommon to see people getting bolder, more courageous, and wilder in seasons like spring and summer. Somewhere someone is making beef briskets, or hamburgers, or grilling something like vegetables such as corn, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, etc. It’s the whole idea of standing over a grill while cooking outside with friends and family that is truly inspirational and brings a sense of complete peace and happiness.

While there are many types of grills available in the market, each of them comes with different qualities. All are good and all of them have their pros as well as cons. However, what truly matters is that you must be aware of your needs and this helps you make a great decision on which grill to buy and which one to let go of.

One important thing to remember while buying a grill is to not get fooled into assuming that you require all that fancy stuff and shiny gadgets with your grill. Cooking outside on a live fire is fun and requires simple technique. You certainly do not need any expensive gadgets to go on with your outdoor cooking. All you really need is a good set of tongs, some basic knowledge about the cooking times of various types of meat, and you are good to go!

Some major types of grills:

Many types of grills use charcoal as their primary fuel source, while many grills use wood pellets too. There is no denying that the woodsy aroma and the succulent flavors locked into a perfectly grilled slice of meat on either of these two types of grills is unmatchable. And undoubtedly, causes a lot of hypersalivation with that delicious scent of grilling food.

However, many grills use propane gas as their fuel, and as a further extension, gas grills also come with infrared heating technology too.

These types of grills are further subdivided into subtypes. Some grills are portable, while some are quite huge and need proper installation in one place. Some grills come with a stand, while the other can be laid on the top of a table.

Similarly, some grills come with some added side accessories like burners or some additional stacking space, while some grills are plain and simple, but they are also nothing less in comparison to their other counterparts.

Another factor that sets these grills apart is the number of burners they have. Some grills have two burners, while some have three burners. More modern grills for commercial uses are coming with four and five burners also.

If you own a food truck or run a catering company or a food business, then it is ideal for you to buy a grill that has at least five burners. The reason is obvious.

Your grill will let you grill more food at one time for all your customers, and that is definitely going to make your business flow more efficient and faster.

On the other hand, if you are buying a grill for your home to be used in your backyard, or if you want to buy a grill to be used on frequent picnics at a beach or a farmhouse with a close-knit set of friends and family, you probably do not need a grill with four or five burners.

In your case, a grill with two or three burners may also suffice.

Now, the choice becomes narrower as you have to choose between a 2-burner grill or a 3-burner grill. It is definitely a very tough decision and you want to be completely certain about which one to buy and how to compare which one is better in your “2-burner vs 3-burner gas grill” debacle.

The best idea is to do some thorough research and review each of the grills and their number of burners before buying one for yourself.

3 Burner Gas Grill

Differences between a 2-burner gas grill and a 3-burner gas grill:

There are some differences between the two types of gas grills, and they may be small but studying them individually may help you make a better and more informed decision.

Some of the key differences between a 2-burner gas grill and a 3-burner gas grill include the following:

  • Space Occupancy and Accomodation: This is a major concern for many people that they do not have enough space in their gardens or backyards, and they do not want a grill that will take up a lot of space. For that, their obvious inclination goes towards a 2-burner gas grill, as it is slightly less space-consuming in comparison to the 3-burner gas grill.

However, you must not be hasty with this advantage of a 2-burner gas grill over a 3-burner gas grill, because this is not the only thing that matters. Some other things need to be considered before making the decision that suits you and your situation the best.

  • Cooking Surface: Without any doubt or confusion, a 3-burner gas grill provides a larger cooking room as compared to a 2-burner gas grill. Now here, it really depends on what type and how much cooking are you expecting to do on your grill, and how many people are you aiming to serve? If the cooking is not much and if the number of people that you want to feed is also less, plus you do not have enough space in your backyard too, then, of course, you can go with the option of a 2-burner gas grill. It will give you all the necessary advantages.

However, if you think that your lifestyle and situation will be better suited for a larger cooking surface on a gas grill, plus you have an ample amount of space to accommodate it too, then you should definitely go for the 3-burner gas grill option.

  • Cool Spot with the middle burner: While you can certainly do direct and indirect cooking on a 2-burner gas grill, however, you cannot get the advantage of a cool spot with that.

On a 3-burner gas grill, you can get this benefit. You can use two burners on the side for direct cooking and let the middle burner cool for indirect cooking. This way, your food can receive heat from both sides and some foods need to be cooked this way only.

  • Value for money: Both the types of gas grills are great, and both will serve your purpose and grill excellent food for you, however, if you have enough space to accommodate, then it is better that you buy the 3-burner gas grill because of its more value for money and some added benefits too.