Smoking the meat is a little tedious job. However, the results are amazing! There is actually no denying this. Taking the first delicious bite of the ribs or the juicy brisket that you’re smoking for hours is unmatchable.

Like me, if you’re also enthusiastic about throwing barbecue parties and grilling meat, you must be aware of how tedious it is to get delicious juicy results. Overall, it is time-consuming, and maintaining the specific temperature consistently is pretty hard as well. This where you’re going to need the bbq temperature controller.

Top Pick: This ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer is the top pick in our list as it helps with almost everything including veggies, pizzas, and meat. Furthermore, the smart features are reliable and the temperature accuracy is great.

Best BBQ Temperature Controllers

In fact, the results are remarkable, but overall, barbecuing is quite a tiring job to do. These best bbq temperature controllers are pretty helpful in regulating the internal temperature of the smoker grill when you’re slow smoking your amazing piece of brisket. Meanwhile, you can take rest without worrying about burning or drying of juices.

In this particular article, we have covered the top 10 best bbq temperature controller products. So, if you are looking one for yourself then read this post until the end. You’ll get to know each and everything.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer Check Price
2.NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer Check Price
3.Inkbird IBT-4XP Grill Thermometer Check Price
4.BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 BBQ Temperature Controller Check Price
5.CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller Check Price
6.PitmasterIQ IQ 110 BBQ Temperature Controller Check Price
7.LavaLock 4-Probe Automatic BBQ Controller Check Price
8.UCONTRO Digital Temperature Controller Check Price
9.TempMaster Portable Automatic BBQ Temperature Controller Check Price
10.Flame Boss 500 Wifi Smoker Controller Check Price

1. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer

This ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer can help you make burgers, chicken breast, and mouth-watering steaks. It includes a rota of reliable features that make grilling far different than just a meat. It gives professional results with meat, veggies, pizza, and probably anything that you can toss on the grill.

Best BBQ Temperature Controller

The best thing among all is the pre-programmed USDA-approved temperature settings. It includes temperature settings for almost all kinds of meats except the venison. Furthermore, the manufacturer advertised the uncertainty level – or +1.80 F—which means the results are almost close to the actual temperature.

The probes connect to the actual part of the thermometer that displays the temperature; however, the display is pretty large and easy-to-read but doesn’t give that much information as the remote receiver.

With ThermoPro TP20 there is no guesswork needed during the grilling. You can just leave the probes in different spots while cooking, and watch the temperature progress in the remote. Also, there is no need to lose heat by opening the grill. Moreover, you program each probe for different temperature settings depending on taste as well as the type of the cut.

The pre-programmed setting automatically determines the final temperature. Also, an oven and a program setting are an added convenience.

All you have to do is to select the meat and the taste level. The included options are well done, medium well, medium, medium-rare, and rare. Its advanced system automatically adjusts the final temperature according to your taste level.

This TP20 runs on four AAA batteries and gives efficient run time. Actually, the battery life is majorly depending on the type of usage. Plus, it features an auto-shutoff feature, which means if the device is not been in use for up to 30 minutes it automatically shut it off. So, if you left that on, it’ll suck the batteries.If you want to enjoy your picnic on boat then you can get Best Boat Grill

  • Two probes and multiple pre-programmed temperature settings
  • Give 250 to 300 feet wireless range
  • Alarm feature if the connection lost
  • Temperature check for BBQ and Grill
  • Probes are not labeled


This ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer comes with dual probes along with multiple programming options. Furthermore, the thermometer design and temperature accuracy are excellent and well worth the price.

2. NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

This NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer comes at number two and one of the best picks in this list. The screen on which it displays the current temperature is pretty large and visible from the distance. It has long-lasting construction.

NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

When you’re slow cooking and smoking the meat for 12 to 14 hours the temperature consistency is the one that matters the most. And this smart grill thermometer comes with a solid metal probe that you can leave inside the grill for temperature tracking during the entire cooking process.

Being a wireless thermometer, it enables you to take care of other chores while your meat of food is smoking or grilling. Its advanced wireless system has 328 to 340 feet long range. Also, it sets a loud alarm if the thermometer gets disconnected. However, the indoor range varies from 100 to 120 feet.

Furthermore, you can choose from different pre-programmed temperature settings depending on your taste. The best thing among all is the android and iOS apps. This wifi app automatically sends you a notification when the food inside the grill or oven reaches the defined temperature. This feature eliminates the risk of burning and drying.

It includes only 2 probes in the box, but its advanced program can get connected up to 6 probes—means four more probes, but you have to buy them separately. This feature is pretty handy in getting your meat perfectly done.Read Dyna-Glo Grill Reviews

  • Easy to read large display screen
  • Solid metal probe can withstand high temperature
  • Long indoor as well as outdoor range
  • Shouts an alarm on disconnecting
  • Can be used with 6 probes
  • Sensor durability can be improved


This NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer is a pretty great product that helps in getting your meal perfectly done. It gives long-range for both indoor as well as outdoor. Moreover, the construction is solid and the capability to get connected with 6 probes at once is an added convenience.

3. Inkbird IBT-4XP Grill Thermometer

This Inkbird IBT-4XP Grill Thermometer earned the third position in our list because of its waterproof feature. This means, there is no more need to stop your cooking or smoking process when it is raining. Unlike the other models, this one comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable and lasts for a longer period.

Inkbird IBT-4XP Grill Thermometer

It includes a USB charging cable in the box with which you can easily charge your battery when needed. Furthermore, the charging won’t take too much time and completely eliminates the need for frequent battery changing.

This IBT-4XP thermometer connects to smartphone pretty easily (with both android and iOS). You can take care of other household chores while your food is cooking in the grill or oven. It’ll set a loud alarm when the thermometer disconnects or the maximum temperature reaches.

The thermometer itself has a magnet on the rear-side due to which it connects firmly to the drum of the smoker. Its solid construction can withstand the high heat, overall, this arrangement is a pretty reliable way of monitoring the temperature inside the grill.

Furthermore, it includes 4 probes in the box, 3 among them is specifically for the meat and the remaining one is the ambient. In simple words, you can easily monitor four different temperatures at once.

The best thing I personally like the most is the large display screen. This LED screen shows the temperature that you can easily read from the far distance.Learn different ways to clean George Foreman Grill

  • Large display screen
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Connects to smartphone to user-added convenience
  • Magnetic body
  • 4 probes for multiple temperature monitoring at once
  • No auto shut-off feature


This Inkbird IBT-4XP Grill Thermometer is pretty reliable and comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It has a solid construction and with four probes you can monitor 4 different temperatures at once.

4. BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 BBQ Temperature Controller

This BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 BBQ Temperature Controller has a very straightforward design but it is one the highest-rated product. The manufacturer advertised that this DigiQ DX2 can easily take care of the temperature swings that your barbecue grill or a smoker may have.

BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 BBQ Temperature Controller

This feature eliminates the chances of burning and drying of the meat. Its accurate temperature control ensures that the meat comes out of the smoker or the grill is tender and juicy. The accuracy level is pretty high—means, the temperature reading that the device will show is almost accurate.

This particular model has many satisfied customers, but there are a couple of users as well that are not satisfied and reported a complaint that the probes on this device don’t work properly. And some users also reported that this DigiQ DX2 is not as cooperative as it is advertised.

However, the majority of users are satisfied. This feature is pretty reliable if there is instant raise in temperature is needed. Furthermore, it guarantees that the smoke is continuously releasing. The volume alerts are also pretty convenient. Also, the volume can be raised from 0 to 10.If you want more texture and taste in your meat then use Manual Meat Grinder to grind your meat

  • Installation is pretty straightforward
  • Perfectly maintain the temperature
  • Optimal pick for slow cooking
  • Feature instant increase in temperature
  • Set and forget operation manner
  • Customer service is not very responsive
  • Some users reported probe defect


This BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 BBQ Temperature Controller is a pretty straightforward controller but does the job pretty effectively. The efficient temperature control makes it ideal for low and slow cooking. Some users reported an issue about the probe defect but the majority of the users are satisfied.

5. CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller

This CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller is actually a smart wifi controller which is particularly intended for monitoring the internal temperature of the food which is cooking inside the grill or smoker. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining the temperature of the smoker and grill.

CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller

With the included smart wifi system it gets connected with a smartphone (Android and iOS) and give each and every detail of rising and falling of the temperature in a graphical manner. This feature is pretty helpful for cooking the food to perfection. With the smartphone, you can track the temperature pretty easily until you are inside the range.

This CyberQ temperature controller comes with a solid probe that not only can withstand the high temperature but also give precise temperature reading. All you have to do is to set this probe over the grill with the help of included alligator clips, and that all!

The probe will automatically measure the internal temperature of the grill and show all the recorded data in the graphical form on your smartphone screen. The probe is well made and can easily withstand the high temperature with any breakage or error in the end.If you can not afford very expensive grills then you can also get Best Grill Under 400

  • Support Alexa for voice controlling the cooking process
  • Graphical representation of the data
  • Sturdy probe can withstand the harshest usage
  • Precise reading helps cooking the food to perfection
  • Smart wifi connection is somewhat difficult


This CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller is pretty reliable and equipped with a smart wifi connection. Unlike other best bbq temperature controllers, this one shows that temperature in the graphical form that helps in maintaining the internal temperature more efficiently.

6. PitmasterIQ IQ 110 BBQ Temperature Controller

This PitmasterIQ IQ 110 BBQ Temperature Controller is more like a temperature regulator kit. It is a pretty straightforward controller that doesn’t include too many bells and whistles. If you’re looking for a unit that gives efficient temperature controls, then spending money for those fancy features that you’re not going to use is pretty pointless.

PitmasterIQ IQ 110 BBQ Temperature Controller

It is a great temperature control that gives uncertainty level of + and -1o F—means that reading you’re getting is pretty close to the actual reading. There is no wifi, large display screen, and other fancy features. Furthermore, the construction quality is just “OK”, it is not high-quality like the other pricey options.

This particular model includes 6 smoker ambient temperature probes and 6 food temperature probes. You can easily monitor the temperature of the multiple spots at once. It blows the air through the hose, so anywhere you want, but near the smoker.

The setup is pretty simple. It can be installed on any smoker or grill without the tools. All you have to do is to connect the adapter at the lower vent with the help of bolt which is included in the box and seal the remaining vents to trap the smoke and heat inside the unit.

It isn’t a cordless unit and needs electricity to run. It operates on 12V—just plug in the cord into any available socket, ignite with a lighter, and let the controller do the rest.

  • Setup is pretty simple
  • Affordable in price
  • High-temperature accuracy
  • Can monitor multiple spots at once
  • Not good for camping


This PitmasterIQ IQ 110 BBQ Temperature Controller is a pretty straightforward electricity operated temperature controller. The setup process is pretty simple and the accuracy is very high. Moreover, it includes multiple probes that help to monitor more than one spot at once.

7. LavaLock 4-Probe Automatic BBQ Controller

Unlike the other models, this LavaLock 4-Probe Automatic BBQ Controller is specifically intended for smokers rather than grills. This lack of ability makes it a little less versatile, but it can be used on a large variety of smoker brands.

LavaLock 4-Probe Automatic BBQ Controller

The control arrangement is also different from other models, this uses a knob for comfortable and easy temperature controlling instead of the buttons. There no fancy features like wifi and voice control. However, the manual controls are pretty efficient in getting the job done. Comparing to other top-quality models the precision is remarkable.

With this particular model, you can use up to 4 probes. That you can place on different spots for reading the multiple temperatures at once. This multiple-spot temperature monitoring makes sure the food cooking inside the grill won’t turn out dried or burnt.

The display screen is pretty large, that you can read the temperature reading from the distance. You can check it when you are sitting away from the smoker on your patio seat. The stainless-steel construction makes sturdy and long-lasting, and if cared properly it’ll last for decades.

Comparing to other pricey models with fancy features, this one doesn’t give too many features, but the accuracy it offers is remarkable. This is the best pick if you have a little tight budget, but can’t compromise on the performance.

  • Support 4 meat probes at once
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Knob for controlling temperature
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Compatible with a large variety of smokers


This LavaLock 4-Probe Automatic BBQ Controller has solid stainless-steel construction that makes this product long-lasting. The setup is simple, the operation is easy, temperature controlling is remarkable, and the display screen is pretty large.

8. UCONTRO Digital Temperature Controller

This UCONTRO Digital Temperature Controller is another corded model in this list. It has a pretty straightforward design and solid construction that last for decades. It can be used with a wide variety of smokers and grills.

UCONTRO Digital Temperature Controller

The temperature monitoring performance is pretty reliable, as it can measure the temperature as low as 220 F and as high as 5270 F. All you have to do is to put the included probe over the smoker drum and it’ll effectively monitor the internal temperature. The display screen on which shows the temperature reading is pretty large that you can easily read from a far distance.

As the manufacturer advertised, this model has + to -10 C uncertainty level—means the shown reading is pretty close to the actual reading. Being a corded model, it needs electricity to run. It operates on 12V. For the setup, all you need to do it plug in the cord into the socket, put the probe over the smoker or grill, and let the thermometer do its job.

  • Temperature accuracy is pretty high
  • Construction is solid and long-lasting
  • Operates on 12 volts
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Nonsmart wifi


This UCONTRO Digital Temperature Controller is a simple but effective unit. It gives excellent temperature monitoring and displays the reading over a large screen. There are no fancy features included like the other pricey models. However, the price is pretty affordable.

9. TempMaster Portable Automatic BBQ Temperature Controller

This TempMaster Portable Automatic BBQ Temperature Controller is compact in size but packed with numerous features. Instead of the buttons, it includes a knob for controlling the temperature. The knob is smooth, easy to turn, and not too overly twisted.

TempMaster Portable Automatic BBQ Temperature Controller

Just like the other pricey models, this one is compatible with 4 probes—mean you can monitor the temperature of four different spots at once. Moreover, the manufacturer advertised that these meat probes are 5-times faster than the competitor’s probes.

There is one downside is that the lower LED display and power buttons are hard and a little difficult to press. It is quite versatile and can be used for both a meat probe and a barbecue temperature controller. Furthermore, it can cook food sous vide (a processing of boiling in the vacuumed environment and then slowly lowering the temperature down until it gets cooked).

Coming to the price, then it is pretty affordable and a great pick for barbecuing. It definitely worth picking if you cook food sous vide regularly.

  • Comprises a sous vide feature
  • Smooth temperature control knob
  • Installation is pretty easy
  • Sturdy construction lasts for long
  • Give great value for the money
  • Power button and lower LED buttons are hard


This TempMaster Portable Automatic BBQ Temperature Controller is a pretty reliable product. It has a very affordable price and comes with a rota of features. The temperature efficiency is up-to-mark and the price is pretty affordable.

10. Flame Boss 500 Wifi Smoker Controller

As the name suggests, this Flame Boss 500 Wifi Smoker Controller is actually a boss by nature. It is one of the best automatic wifi controllers available in the market. The temperature accuracy is pretty accurate and has very low uncertainty. This feature makes it very easy to use and gives you the freedom of doing other household tasks without worrying about the burning or drying of the meat.

Flame Boss 500 Wifi Smoker Controller

It is equipped with a multi-speed fan. The feature blows the internal fans at different speeds for spreading the heat to maintain the temperature.

Unlike the other models, these fans directly take part in bowing the heat all around the smoker. Means, comparing to other manual controllers this FineBoss can better fine-tune the oxygen intake of the grill and your smoker.

You can monitor the temperature through your phone as well as through your laptop—means you’ll get enough freedom while the controller is doing its job.

Coming to the operation, then it is pretty easy to use and setup, plus, the display screen is also very easy to read. It’ll not only last for long but also learn from the smoker to give better and improved performance over time.

Talking about the usability, then the display screen is pretty large and displays everything that you’re going to need to know, such as target temperature, pit temperature, and the internal temperature of the food.

  • Excellent performance
  • Durable construction lasts for long
  • Smart wifi controls
  • Pretty large display screen
  • Initial setup is little time taking

Conclusion BBQ Temperature Controller

This Flame Boss 500 Wifi Smoker Controller is one of the best smart wifi controllers. It is quite easy to operate. Its multi-speed fan mechanism helps to maintain the internal temperature. Furthermore, the smart controls are great and the price is moderate.

Why you should consider using a temperature controller

The secret of cooking the amazing barbecue is learning how to control the temperature of your smoker. The real art is maintaining the low steady temperature for a considerable time to eventually produce the most amazing barbecue.

You may hear from seasoned pitmasters that rubs, sauces or injections are the secrets for the tasty barbecue, but honestly, the most important thing for the preparation of the most amazing barbecue is the temperature and time.

The first half battle is monitoring the temperature. This might include controlling airflow, and the temperature as the fuel burns. With this approach, many cooks deliver the best barbecue with gas or electric smokers because of the automatic temperature control feature.

Now that doesn’t make the charcoal smoker useless. If you can learn the art to maintain the temperature with a charcoal smoker, the taste of the barbecue cooked on a charcoal smoker is way better than the barbecue cooked on an electric or gas-ignition grill.

This guide is prepared to help those using charcoal smokers who are always going to need the best temperature controller to cook the best food for their family or friends.

How temperature controllers work

Control the oxygon and you can control the heat in your smoker. Basically, a fan is connected at the smoker’s intake, when connected to a small electrical control box and a temperature probe, the fan moderates oxygen flow to detect the temperature. The design of the temperature controller is pretty easy and many people can simply make their own smoker temperature controllers at home.


Now that you have all the information regarding the best product , it’s time to make a decision according to your own preferences. We have provided you a detailed guide and a list of top-performing bbq temperature controllers to make the selection easier and effortless. You can easily go through the list to choose the ideal one for you needs. I am sure you will be able to choose one.