If you are the kind of person who rejoices to grill and having delectable BBQ dinners but is fed-up with their old grill, this is the right destination for you. If you are seeking to bring a variety in your grilling experience, we have the ultimate list of the best gas charcoal combo grills available to help you make your decision.

Before desiring to buy the right kind of grill for yourself, it is quite important to go through a process of self-awareness which will help you understand the variety of grills available in the market. Two types of grills can be bought from the market. These include a gas-powered grill and a charcoal-powered grill. The charcoal-powered grill enables the users to enjoy the perseverance of flavors on their taste buds giving an exceptional, delicious aspect to your grilling experience. Whereas, the gas-powered grill enables its users to have the highest possible flames to cook their meet as per their preference.

Featuring the top 8 Gas & Charcoal Combo reviews, we classify The Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill as the Best Gas Charcoal Combo Grill. It has the highest thermal output ranging at 48,000 BTUs. The high quality constructed features represent high durability for the price range it offers. Foldable side burner allows you to customize the grilling space according to your preference. The dual option of grilling on gas and charcoal satisfies the purpose of the combo grills with easy maintenance options.

Best Gas Charcoal Combo Grills

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.The Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas Charcoal combo Grill Check Price
2.Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Gas Charcoal combo grill Check Price
3.Royal Gourmet ZH3003S 3-Burner Gas charcoal combo grill Check Price
4.Outdoor Barbeque & Burger Gas Check Price
5.Dyna-Glo Check Price
6.Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal gas Grill combo Check Price
7.Blackstone Grills Tailgater Check Price
8.Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Gas Charcoal Smoker Check Price

1. The Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill

The Char-Griller 5050 is every grill lover’s dream come true. With the charcoal and gas grilling chambers notched side by side, it is a viable solution of the majority grillers putting stress on choosing a gas or charcoal grill. The Char-Griller Duo exhibits a robust design with a rust-resistant stainless-steel body; it is the epitome of durable gas-charcoal grills.

best gas charcoal combo grill

The Dual grilling surfaces are its prime features, the gas grill for convenience, and the charcoal grill to smoke up the fiery sensation to your meaty cuisines. Additionally, with an enormous cooking space of 1,260 square inches to smoke and grill your favorite barbeque, it also features warming racks and a side cast burner. The cooking chambers come with a hood with a temperature gauge on the top so you can monitor the temperature while your food is covered. The cooking space of these grills is designed to prepare you for bad or for worse.

The gas grill sports an electronic ignition, so setting the pace of the primary and side grill burner is just a push away. The stainless steel burners are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures without going soft while flaming at 40,800 BTUs. With the 5050 Duo grill’s ability to quickly raise temperature up to 500° F, you can look forward to a crispy sear on your meat.

To add on to the gas grilling options, the foldable side burner is customized specially to give you room to cook sauces and save space from the primary grill for side dishes for your platter. Once its job is done, you can cover it with its drop-down hood and add up some workspace for yourself.

Charcoal cooking space has its assets. To improve efficiency and better heat retention in charcoal grills, Char-grill has exceeded all expectations with a double insulated base. The versatile charcoal system has an adjustable cooking grate that can be varied at different heights to have precise heat control. Moreover, this feature also helps in easy disposal of ash from under the cooking grates, and as well as any easy access to adding more charcoal.

The cast-iron cooking grates are enameled with porcelain to ensure the meat does not stick to the surface and makes cleaning easier. The 5050 Duo stands out with accessible options like wheels that let you mobilize the grill easily and blesses you with a condiment basket and utensil rack to stack up against your sizzling barbecue sauces.Check the list of Best 6 Burner Gas Grills in 2020 also

Overall, the Char-Griller Duo is a reliable design with Char-Grill setting a benchmark on a standard. It has more than what a griller would dream on his grill. It has smart features, plenty of cooking space, and accessible options. It is one of the best gas charcoal combo grills.

  • Electric Ignition for gas grill
  • Huge cooking space
  • Cast Side Burner
  • Heat Regulator
  • High Maintenance
  • Hard to assemble


Product5050 Duo
Ignition TypeElectric
Burner Rating40,800 BTUs
Number of Burners3
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Dimensions48 x 21.5 x13.5 inches
Product Weight160 pounds
Cooking Surface1,260 square inches

2. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Charcoal/Gas Smoker & Grill

The Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn combo grill provides you easy grilling options as both; gas and charcoal smokers. The design of this hybrid grill is stunning as it features a heavy gauge steel body and porcelain-coated grates which make this product tremendously hard-wearing and ensure a rust-free experience.

best gas charcoal combo grill

The gas charcoal grill combo comes with an accommodating feature of access to two cooking chambers. The first chamber will help you grill your food with a high capacity of smoke which will not only help lock the moisture and flavors of the meat but will ensure that the food item gets cooked super-fast. The second chambers give the customer the choice to either cook with charcoal or gas and have gratifying cooking experience, just the way they would like it.

The Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn combo grill comes with an accommodating heat and smoke controller. The users can decide the level of heat and how much smoke remains inside the chamber by simply sliding the lid on or off from the chamber. It also features a storage shelf to provide an amenable experience to the users. This will help you keep the meet-preparation ingredients close to you as well as the cooking utensils.

If these features are not enough for you to appreciate this piece of art, the combo griller also comes with a temperature gauge that helps you track the temperature inside the chambers and grill according to your personal preference. Another interesting feature about this gas charcoal grill combo is that it comes with super-cool steel handles that remain cool even while grilling. Hence, you can easily grip the smoker’s lid without burning your fingers. The griller is also equipped with sturdy wheels that make the mobility of the griller relatively easy.Check which are the Top 7 Best Gas Grills Under 400

  • Large storage shelf
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Professional temperature gauge
  • Durability issues



Ignition TypeElectric
Burner Rating36,000 BTU
Number of Burners3
Product Dimensions31.5 x 74 x 50.6 inches
Product Weight204.4 lbs
Cooking Surface1,060 sq. inches

 3. Royal Gourmet ZH3003S 3-Burner Gas and Charcoal Grill

The Royal Gourmet Burner is a premium 3 gas burner grill any gourmet lover would fantasize to have in their kitchen. The dual combination of gas and charcoal firebox offers you the flexibility switch between grilling for consistency or a genuine smoke-filled flavor. The royalty of this grill lies in its natural metallic steel color, large cooking counters, and the potential to outlast other standard grills in the market.

Royal Gourmet ZH3003S 3-Burner Gas and Charcoal Grill

This gourmet grill has a fairly reasonable cooking space of 600 square inches and an additional warming station adding 209 square inches to the total space. This grill set for you to enjoy your weeknight meals with family or for friendly reunions. The charcoal and gas cooking zones allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of taste and convenience. The generous storage of this charcoal gas grill combo will fit revamp your cooking space into one with the accessibility of having side food counters to keep condiments, platters, and food side by side. The lower compartments are designed to load your LP gas tank outside the reach of the naked eye, and feasibility to set all your large grilling equipment.

For your different needs and satisfaction this royalty is designed with heavy-duty stainless steel hoods with double-layer lid construction for heat insulation, and easy to monitor temperature gauges that accurately update you about the slightest fluctuation in temperature. The cooking grates and warming racks are porcelain-coated to ensure that you can say goodbye to the greasy by-products from your dishes once you are done with them.

The gas cooking station comprises of three heavy-duty stainless steel tube burners outputting a total of 27,000 BTUs to uplift the temperatures, and uniform heat distribution with hooded flame-tamers. To flame up this burner it has a built-in electric ignition system that saves you from struggling to light up a conventional gas grill.

The charcoal box combo complements the gas grill right next to it. For convenient grilling, it features a spring handled adjustable charcoal pan to set the pace for cooking as per your preference. You do not need to struggle in varying this pan in tight positions with the handle placed up at the front, rotate it till you find it fit for your cooking. Air dampers on the hood of the charcoal chamber help the inefficient circulation of oxygen to stoke the fire if you plan to smoke your meat.

Additionally, the salient features of this grill combo have a proper oil and ash management system to ease up the cleaning of your grill. The grease tray collects the residue oil from grilling, while the ashes can be disposed of collected in the specified ash-tray. Moreover, you can switch the grill from conventional cooking in the kitchen to backyard barbecues with the added mobility of wheels on the Gourmet Grill Combo. To sum it up it has all the premium features that make it up for the perfect grilling furniture at your homes. It usually is the kind of grill that will push your standard pocket budget further, however, it does provide royalty to your grilling style.

  • Oil and Ash Management Trays
  • Stylish and Durable design
  • Air Dampers on the charcoal grill
  • Multiple Storage Options
  • Requires a big space
  • Expensive
  • Side-counters are not foldable


Ignition TypeElectric
Burner Rating27,000 BTUs
Number of Burners3
MaterialStainless – Steel
Product Dimensions63.8 x 28.5 x 47.2 inches
Product Weight154.7 pounds
Cooking Surface600 square inches

4. Outdoor Barbeque & Burger gas charcoal combo grill

The Outdoor Barbeque Gas & Charcoal Grill combo is stacked up with all the necessities a griller would need to uplift their grilling experience in an economical budget. It has set a benchmark in terms of durability for the price it is offered, notched up with high-quality features.

Outdoor Barbeque & Burger Gas/charcoal Grill Combo

The gas and charcoal grill combo are strategically built to provide you 557 square inches of overall cooking space to easily grill 32 burger patties in one sitting. In addition to that, it has 188 square inches space for chrome-plated warming racks customized for the user’s convenience.

Three gas burners on this grill combo are purely manufactured from stainless steel that burns at 24,000 BTUs. The temperatures are set to skyrocket at this pace. If this is not enough to amaze you then, the Backyard Grill has added a side burner to ignite at 12,000 BTUs for cooking one the sides. The heat retention of this combo grill is exceptional due to the stainless steel construction hooded lids and porcelain coating of the heat plates.

The temperature can be easily controlled by the four rubber knobs to control the gas burners to your desired temperatures. As for the charcoal cooking chamber, the cooking grate can be maneuvered by a handle up in the front to various temperatures. To complement the temperature control, heat indicators installed on the lids of both grilling stations for efficient monitoring of temperatures and give you full control.

While making the necessities available it has two rubber wheels to added mobility, aside preparation food counter, a bottom rack to stack your grilling accessories, and a bottle opener. Although it might be a critique for its conventional and mainstream design its prime purpose was to provide top of the line features with all the needs of a griller covered. It serves its purpose well while fitting in your pocket budget.Are you a fish lover ? Check which are the Top 5 Best Fish Smokers

  • Good temperature control
  • Side counter
  • A high-end side burner
  • Huge cooking space
  • Standard design
  • Construction is not sturdy


ProductBarbeque & Burger Gas/charcoal Grill Combo
Ignition TypeElectric
Burner Rating24,000 BTUs
Number of Burners3
MaterialStainless – Steel
Product Dimensions67 x 28 x 49.75 inches
Product Weight90 pounds
Cooking Surface557 square inches

5. Dyna-Glo

The Dyna-Glo is a true life-saver in terms of its quality, cooking performance, and extra thoughtful features to help make your grilling experience phenomenal. The combination of gas and charcoal along with 952 square inches of cooking space enables you to cook with delight and ease whenever you want. The hybrid grill is super functional as it provides a temperature control feature to ensure that the meat is well-cooked with delicious flavors. Despite the heavyweight, Dyna-Glo is equipped with accommodating cater wheels that make mobility with this hybrid grill easier.


Dyna-Glo is equipped with porcelain-coated grill grates that allow the meat to get evenly cooked and they can be cleaned with easily using a brush. Thanks to its large grill and cooking space, you can expect to cook almost 37 hamburgers on the grill at a time. The maximum BTU achieved is around 24,000 which can get high while cooking and might be just the right fit for you to ensure the meat is well-cooked inside out.

The additional features include a temperature gauge that can help you carefully track the temperature inside the grill without opening it and taking an estimated guess. Another feature is an easy to lift touch handle that remains cool at all times despite the temperature of the Gas Charcoal Grill Combo. The Dyna-Glo features a bottle opener, a storage space, and side shelves that can be super-handy in times of need. These thoughtful and handy features can truly make your grilling experience remarkable.Want All in one grill  for all purposes Pit Boss 700fb Review – Know Everything About It

  • Side Shelves
  • Large Cooking Space
  • Large Storage Space
  • Towel Hook and Bottle Opener
  • Temperature Control
  • Electric Ignition
  • Metal rusts over time
  • Heavy


Ignition TypeElectric
Burner Rating24,000 BTU
Number of Burners2
Product Dimensions68.45 x 45.63 x 28.67 inches
Product Weight48 pounds
Cooking Surface952 sq. in.

6. Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe

Weber sets to revamp the grilling experience for the users out there with the Performer Deluxe. It has a futuristic design and approach to blend the charcoal and gas grilling combo without needing 2 separate stations. Now you can have the natural charcoal smoke amalgamated with the gas burner below.

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

It sports an exclusive Touch-N-Go electronic gas ignition to light up the charcoal chunks at the convenience of a push-button, no need for tending coal in the future. The digitalized controls and tractable LCD countdown timer smartly notifies you if you forget about your food in the grill for preheating and long grilling sessions.

The temperature control on the Performer Deluxe is at the palm of your hands. The charcoal grate is designed to withstand high temperatures, so arrange the coals on this for direct or indirect grilling. With a highly accurate on lid temperature gauge that displays the minute updates in temperatures inside the grill makes it feasible to make adjustments. Complementary, the precision heat control with the air dampers on the lid makes it accessible to control the heat inside without lifting the cover, extinguish the burning coals by sealing the dampers depriving it of oxygen.

For grilling, a 22-inch porcelain-enameled bowl offers an equitable cooking space of 363 square inches. With the compact space and stylish-trolley design, you can readily serve your food from the grate to your platter. It has a side counter to provide a preparation space to season your food and place necessary equipment within an arm’s distance.

It is very easy to clean with an aluminized steel ash catcher that disposes ash at the push of a button. Ash catcher with a high capacity is necessary to sustain long hours of grilling when coal is the main source of fuel. Moreover, it has a char-box container to keep extra charcoal right under your feet. The best part of this char-box is that it has an anti-spillage mechanism, so even if you accidentally rotate it with greater force you do not have to worry about cleaning anything.

The Webber Performer Deluxe has an intuitive design. It takes care of the grilling fans living in an apartment or small houses adding a futuristic touch to your furniture. It has a durable design with smart features. It comprises the cooking space, however, it has top of the line features to change your grilling experiences.

  • LCD timer
  • Side food station
  • Handy Char-box Container
  • Accessible ash and debris management container
  • Propane Ignition
  • Small cooking space
  • Charcoal Burner only
  • Not feasible for parties


ProductPerformance Deluxe 15501001
Ignition TypePropane Gas
MaterialAluminized Steel
Product Dimensions30 x 48 x 43.5 inches
Product Weight91 pounds
Cooking Surface363 square inches

7. Blackstone Grills Tailgater

This tailgater is an extremely portable and easy to move griller that can be easily be shifted when switching sceneries. If you wish to BBQ at the park or go near a beach, the super long and adjustable legs of this tailgater can make it a reality and stand firmly on the ground. The assembly of this hybrid grill is incredibly easy and the setup takes minimal time.

Blackstone Grills Tailgater

The versatility of this grill is unquestionable as you can even take off the grill and use this tailgater as a stove for the usual cooking experience. The Blackstone Grills Tailgater features two burners, where one is made with cast iron and the other is precisely made with steel. Another versatile option is to open one burner and cover the other with a grill; customization has been presented at its best with this griller.

The tailgater is equipped with cast-iron grates, heavy grill box, and a steel plate that is rust-resistant and sturdy which is likely to last long. All in all, the two burners can provide heat up to 35,000 BTUs which is super-high heat for your lip-smacking BBQ food and the burner tube is H shaped which allows the heat to travel evenly throughout the griller.

  • H-shaped burner
  • Grill or no grill option
  • Extremely mobile
  • Low Storage Space
  • Heavy
  • Not Suitable for Large parties


Ignition TypeElectric
Burner Rating35,000 BTU
Number of Burners2
Product Dimensions52 x 24 x 38.5 inches
Product Weight75 pounds
Cooking Surface512 sq. in.

8. Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP

The Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 has a significant option of an infrared searing burner to scorch your meat delectably. The smoker is equipped with a ceramic side burner that is capable of packing delicious flavor into the barbecued meat making it taste celestial. Thanks to its large cooking space, this gas charcoal smoker is capable of cooking 20 hamburgers, all at once which truly will save you a lot of time.

Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Gas Charcoal Smoker

An interesting element about the Gas charcoal smoker is that it comes with a side firebox where you can easily insert wood chips to increase the fire or add charcoal, without removing the top lid. This helps save as much smoke as possible inside the smoker. The unique touch of charcoal can truly add a pleasant taste to your cooked meat. The smoker has an electric igniting option and is fortified with three burners that can be lit super easily. Moreover, the easy-to-remove grill pans and grates make the cleaning process extremely easy as all you have to do is remove, clean with a brush, and place it back.

  • Side Storage Option
  • Large Cooking Space
  • Side Firebox
  • Lacks of Durability


Ignition TypeElectric
Burner RatingN/A
Number of Burners3
Product Dimensions82 x 23 x 54 inches
Product Weight218 pounds
Cooking SurfaceN/A