If you are got tired of your kitchen cooker grill, then you should utterly think about a pellet grill with Wi-Fi connectivity to make your barbecue parties more gratifying. Cookers and grills are the need of every home for tasty cooking. There are many kitchen gadgets that are manufacturing in the market and updating day by day with more and more features for comfort. To choose the best grill for cooking you would prefer the cooking rack, Wi-Fi connectivity, temperature control, and of course easy to clean.

Selection of household gadgets is difficult. It is not easy to choose the product with the best price and enriched with features. If we talk about the kitchen items cookers and grills come at the number one need. It is the vital need of every kitchen. Is it not interesting to cook food with Wi-Fi? Yes, it is possible. The grills for cooking of your choice would be incredible if these become enhanced with Wi-Fi connectivity. Life is so busy today that we do not have enough time to cook delicious food for ourselves and our loved ones. But the solution is here the top Wi-Fi pellet grills will not need your complete supervision to cook food you can cook food without any obstacle in your by other important things.

To find which grill would provide the best cooking specifications; this research would lessen your search for getting the best WIFI grill. If you are in lack of time to go through all the products ranging your budget and all the features you needed, it is recommended you to go and check REC TEC Grill RT-700 which is Wi-Fi enabled portable wood pellet grill with 40 lb. hopper.

Best Wi-Fi pellet grills

 So, which one is the best? Let’s get information on all Wi-Fi pellet grills …!

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.Green Mountain Davy Crocket Check Price
2.Traeger Pellet Grills TFB78GZE Check Price
3.REC TEC Grill RT-700 Check Price
4.Wi-Fi Woodwind Pellet Grill and Smoker Check Price
5.Green Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Package Check Price
6.Memphis grills Elite Wood Fire Pallet Smoker Check Price

1. Green Mountain Davy Crocket

Green Mountain Grills manufactures the best Granulated grills with Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi connectivity lets you cook food by just setting it under your app or mobile phone control. You are in rush or getting late for going somewhere just set the meat with the Wi-Fi connection and get yourself ready for going out. The Wi-Fi connectivity would not let you disturb during the party to check on the meat again and again. It has AFAICT build quality. The green Mountain grills Davy Crockett Granulated grill is a sense-matte. Sense matte is the sensor to temperature. It monitors the temperature of the grill according to cooking stuff. It is made of stainless steel. It is comprised of a convenience tray. You can put meat probe, rib, chicken anything you crave for in the grill rack to let it cock by itself with just your smart monitor. The cooking racks are separate for meat probe and rib racks.

Green Mountain Davy Crockett

The grill is not much heavier or as lighter can be broken easily it is in a useful weight and material. The weight of the grill is 68 pounds. It is adjusted to folding. The portable feature makes this grill decisive. The legs of the grill can be folded into a form of carry bag. If you are going on a camping trip, it can be kept in the car to take to any place or party in your garden it is the best Wi-Fi pallet grill.

It can be controlled manually or you can use it thorough an app on which you have an eye on. On the top of the grill, there is a chimney that comes up with a cover over it. It is 110V or 12V with adapters for 3 power options. It does not need any electricity. And now come to the main thing the cleaning of the grill after use, there is no rocket science it can be easily cleaned by any brush. It is flawlessly perfect for home, garden, hunting, camping, backyards, or any place you want to take it. This product with the best features and handy use, in a nutshell, is one of the top best Wi-Fi pellet grill.

  • Thermal sensors
  • Lid for racks
  • Tailgating grill
  • 3 power options
  • User manual is difficult

2. Traeger Pellet Grills TFB78GZE

It is manufactured by Traeger Pellet Grills. It has wooden balls that give the food flavor of wood-burning to every dish you cook in it. It is 780 square inches in cooking capacity. It is much for a family party as you can cook more than 30 items per shelves of your grill. The first finest thing is its versatility which comes up in 6 choices. It is not just a griller but you can use it for smoke, bake, roast sn longer, and barbecue food. You can cook meat and bake a cake on it. It is purposeful for both roasts and desserts.

Traeger Pellet Grills TFB78GZE

First of all, we are going to discuss its main parts. Traeger Pellet Grill consists of a hopper, controller, auger, fire pot, and a fan. As it is a wood pallet grill hopper enhances the taste of your food. The controller is you. You can set the timer and temperature as per your need. Auger is the screw which starts your grill in cooking food. When you set the temperature fire pot gets hot automatically for cooking. So it is almost the same as your old barbecue grill but you do not need to stand in front of your grill and pass air with fan. The fan automatically airs the food to make it smoky. It is Alexa enabled means you have control over it through your voice instructions. You can set temperatures and time according to the cooking material on the Wi-FIRE grill. You not only set timers and temperatures but you can change temperatures and cooking time too through app control. You can have a check on the internal temperature you are cooking.

If we talk about its use it is not so difficult that you cannot cook for the first without a guide. You just need to set your grill temperature as you would know at how much temperature your oven works and let it rest for your Traeger feature to make it done for you. You can set timers according to the cooking time and then an alarm alerts you when it is ready to eat.  You can get uniformity in barbecue and roasting if you get used to it over three to four times use. Yes, you can say that you are the master chef of your kitchen by getting it reliable. The Direct unit D2 transmission is the promoter that works in the wood-burning grills.

  • 6 in 1 versatility
  • 780 square grilling area
  • Alexa enabled
  • Wi-FIRE Controller
  • The app may be down due to connection
  • Pallet grills are expensive

3. REC TEC Grill RT-700

The number third product from the list is manufactured by REC TEC Grills. This grill pallet has adapted too many innovations. It is a 200 pounds stainless steel grill pallet. The first thing you always think before buying a pellet grill is its material that how long it can work for you so this pellet grill has ended your worry because it is made up of stainless steel. It is worthwhile for a long time without any worries like breaking or cracking. It is Wi-Fi enabled grill. So the plus point is that if you are busy it will cook food for you and you would just need to set its temperature and time and can monitor it on the REC TEC Grill app. It would alert you through an alarm when it is ready to eat.

REC TEC Grill RT-700

If we talk about the specifications or parts of the Traeger grill pallet it comes with RT 700 lb. REC TEC Ultimate blend pallets with premium grill cover and two mesh kitchen mats. It is a double meat probe which is probe A and probe B. The premium grill cover keeps your food moisture and hygiene by not letting any dust into your food.

This grill is built on the SMART grill technology controller Owner PID algorithm which has enabled it to work on Wi-Fi control. You do not need to buy charcoal and let them cook for hours and hours. It will not take you much time in starting of fire to start cooking. The grill has safety in cooking as it would not burst into fire or any tragedy. It is equally safe to be used in home, campsite, backyard, or backdoor of your home. When it is done you can power on the Cooling button which will cool down your grill automatically. Simple is that it can be an oven, grill, smoke, roast, and dehydrate all in one you would be waiting for. So it is the time to buy and cook food without paying your attention and getting tired.

  • RT-700
  • 200 lb. Ultimate Blend Pallets
  • 6-year warranty
  • Premium cover
  • Legs are not stable

4. Wi-Fi Woodwind Pellet Grill and Smoker

This pellet grill is the product of Camp Chef Store. It is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled grill pallet. It is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, PID controller, and Bluetooth connectivity with four meat ports and probes. There is a digital display for getting updated about the temperature of the food. If you love camping then this pellet grill is a blessing for you. You can connect your grill through your mobile device or Camp Chef App to set and control temperatures and smoke of the food being cooked. There is a Flame mode in which you can turn direct or indirect according to your choice.  The drip tray of the pallet grill allows the temperature range between160 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wi-Fi Woodwind Pellet Grill and Smoker

The key element of Woodwind Pellet Grill and Smoker is the PID controller. PID controller will incredibly replace your monitoring over food it can control and regulate the temperature and smoke of the food. Numbers for smoke are present there so you can adjust the number of smoke according to your taste. Cooking is done? Ate up all? Now it’s time to clean your pellet grill. Cleaning of your grill is as easy as cooking, there is a handle, and all the ash or burnt particles are discharged into the combustion cup at the bottom of your grill. Remove the ashes and dirt and simply clean the grill.

If you are always busy and short of time you should invest in this pallet grill it will not disturb you for checking on again and again if your food is cooked or not or standing in front of it for hours. It always comes in compatible wooden wings which is a Sear box or a Sidekick. Sear box let you sit and enjoy the party with your friends as it can reach 900 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. And the Sidekick is 14 inches and comes with a cast iron grill. You have to buy these accessories separately to reach the next level of cooking.

  • WIFI and Bluetooth PID controller
  • Slide and Grill technology
  • Patented Ash kickin’ cleanout system
  • Flame Mode
  • It is expensive

5. Green Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Package

This grill is manufactured by Green Mountain Grills. It is the Davy Grill package. It is an incredibly portable pellet grill. It is Wi-Fi enabled grill which always comes in a Crockett grill cover and a Crockett tote bag in black color. The grill cover keeps the food clean and moisture and makes the food more delicious. The Crockett bag gives you easy hold in traveling. If you are going to a camp, picnic, or to a friend’s place you can put your pallet grill in the Crockett tote bag which keeps it safe from breakage or any other damage.

Green Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Package

It is 57 pounds in weight and has folding legs which makes it easy for you to keep it in your car and let it wherever you want to take. It can run over 12V or 120 AC. So there are two options for you and you can use it at home, camping site, at hunting and festivals or parties without any obstacle. As it is enabled to Wi-Fi connectivity you can control it through your mobile of App. The most important thing is that it is Sense-Mate means this thermal sensor can control and maintain the temperature of the food itself.

If we talk about the accessories or parts of the pellet grill, it is loaded with intensive features. It consists of a meat probe, a lid for rib racks, a tray with a utensil hook, and a new Flame technology grease tray. The meat probe wipes out the need of a thermometer to check the temperature of meat again and again. The best thing is the lid for the rib rack because it does not let your food unhealthy or unhygienic by covering it and also keeps the food moisture and tasty. The Flame technology grease tray allows the heat to pass through the whole grill. So if you are busy and love camping it is the time to beat the clock and have it for you. Let yourself hair down and the Crockett pellet grill cook for you.

  • Portable
  • Folded legs double as Handles
  • GMG server mode
  • Heavy
  • Cannot control GMG from long distance

6. Memphis grills Elite Wood Fire Pallet Smoker

The Memphis Elite wood fire pellet smoker is the cutting edge product on the market. This product is manufactured by Memphis Grills that aims to construct the best quality grills for ease of its users on the marketplace. It is exciting to know that it can cook for you 62 hours continuously without any obstacle. The temperature range of the Memphis Elite Wood Fire pallet is about 180 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is 128.37 kilograms in weight and has 304 stainless steel structures. The size of the rill is amazingly immense that is 69 x 29 x 47 inches overall and the cooking grid is about 37,375 x 17,625 inches. It comes in a 6mm nickel-plated steel grate. It is loaded with incredible features including a dual wall firebox, a hopper, a Wi-Fi controller, and an ITC temperature probe.

Memphis grills Elite Wood Fire Pallet Smoker

It is a resilient grill that can serve you for a long time. It is comprised of a stainless steel body and an enhanced non-stick property surface. The nickel-plated grate does not let your meat burnt or over-cooked. The firebox contains the coal in your grill letting air pass through each and every corner of the grill. When the airflow will good so your smoke would be best, resulting in a yummy smoked barbecue. The 24 pounds hopper balances the temperature of the grill. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity you can run your grill if you do not want to stand to check it over and over so set the temperature and control it with your mobile device or App. It is equally helpful for Android and iOS. You can set the temperature of meat through ICT temperature probe technology, by plugging it into the grill. It let the voltage stable and you are free to enjoy it.

Woodfire pallet grills are made up of pure wood which assurances the lifelong use of the grill. If you are not good at grilling or barbecue just hang in there and this Elite Wood Fire Pellet Smoker would cook appetizingly for you. Yes, it will help you to get rid of a distasteful barbecue making you a master chef of your parties.

  • Freestanding wood pallet
  • 62 hours of cook time
  • 324-pound capacity
  • Needs electricity access

Buying Guide

After you have read and viewed all the reviews of the listed six products to decide and get you the best Wi-Fi pellet grill. As all the products are clearly briefed in regard to features and functions according to your requirements and needs, it is intended to help you out for buying a Wi-Fi pellet grill in your budget and wish. Above are presented multiple options and recommendations to save your precious time on serving in search for the best pellet grill.

This buyer guide will completely guide you if you are going to buy the best budget Wi-Fi Pellet grill for the first time. The research on the top six Wi-Fi pellet grills will direct you to the item you desire for. If you are going to buy one of them, the following important features should be under consideration.

If you are going to buy a Wi-Fi pellet grill, you should get along with the following features:

Wi-Fi Connectivity

It is difficult to have time for friends and family in today’s busy routine and you should not waste it in cooking because this duty is not yours. You should get a pallet grill for cooking with Wi-Fi enabled feature. This feature will give you more time to spend it with family and friends by enabling the mode. You simply set the time and temperature and have fun.

Cover lid

A cover lid is the second most important feature you should have in your grill. This cover lid will not make your food getting unhealthy or polluted and keeps the moisture of meat at the next level.


The pallet grill should be portable and handy. It should include the folding legs feature so you can take it anywhere by keeping in the car trunk.

Tote Bag

If you are taking your pallet grill to the campsite or friend’s place you would need a tote bag for keeping your pallet grill easily. A tote bag is helpful in the care of your pallet grill from damage or breakage.

Lastly, gets the ball rolling on to FAQs:

What is the best pellet grill 2020?

Camp Chef 24 inches Wi-Fi Woodwind Pellet Grill is the best pellet grill of 2020 because it is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled to balance the cooking temperature. Moreover, it has grill and slide technology and the smoke level of the grill can be adjusted according to your choice.

What is the best pellet grill on the market?

REC TEC Grill RT-700

REC TEC Grill RT-700 is the best budget pellet grill on the market because it consists of Ultimate blend pallets with premium grill cover and two mesh kitchen mats. The best thing about it is that it offers a 6-year warranty.

Are pallet grills worth it?

Yes, pallet grills are worth it. If you need a grill that helps you to barbecue, bake, and other cooking ways so pallet grill is best.

Which is the best pit boss or Traeger?

Pit boss is half the price of Traeger. Pit boss has a cooking surface of 700 square inches whereas Traeger has 780 square inches surface. As the pit boss is cheaper but it has lesser features than Traeger. So, Traeger is the best grill.


Now when you have got all the information passed to you on the listed six best suitable Wi-Fi pellet grills, it’s the time pick the best grill according to your requirements. If you are against the clock then all the features, designs, and factors are provided regarding each grill in helping you to select the best for you. If you have not much time to read all the reviews just have a look at the buying guide which can give you information out of best grills and that you make sure before investment.