Adventure with friends and family is something that provides us with millions of moments to be remembered forever. This adventure is more beautiful when you have a delicious meal on hand as well. You can cook such sizzling and delicious meals with your friends only when you have the perfect equipment to make your food tasty and your trips memorable.

This Coleman Nxt 200 Review talks about the pros, cons, and features in details to make it clear for you either you should put your investment in this grill or not.

Coleman brings you a solution to make your cooking art a masterpiece. Coleman is known best for manufacturing equipment that is required to make your camping and adventure easy and fun. They are known for providing the best and easy to use stoves and grills to make your outdoor cooking experience more delightful and cook fresh and healthy meal for your party.

Coleman has produced many grills that help you grill your steaks and BBQ for your reunion parties or for your family and friends on the top of the mountain when you get tired of hiking and want fresh sizzling food. Coleman 2000012520 NXT 200 is one of the amazing grills that can help you cook fresh and eat fresh in your backyard, out in the parks, or anywhere you want.

Coleman Nxt 200 Review

Coleman NXT 200 is one of the extraordinary grills which is in your pockets range check price, produced to make your cooking easy and safe. It is a perfect blend of unique and amazing features made with neat and best material and advanced technology. It is manufactured to make your outings more fun and memorable with fresh and healthy food on hand for your family and friends. Let’s further discuss this Coleman Nxt 200 Review to make a better decision.

Features and specifications:

  • Weight of 0.15 kg
  • Dimension of 53×73×38
  • Swivel design
  • Highly compact
  • Two adjustable burners
  • Thermostat
  • Side tables
  • Heat core technology
  • Perfect flow of heat
  • Cross legs with wheels
  • Tall and capacitated lid
  • Porcelain-coated iron grills
  • 321 sq. incapacity
  • Swap top interchangeable grill with griddle and stove grate
  • 20,000 BTUs energy
  • Ignition button for matchless cooking
  • Grease cups

Weight and dimension:

It has 5.3-ounce weight or 0.15 kilograms of weight so it is very easy to carry anywhere. It has 120.0 cm width. It has a depth of 53 cm which is actually 1.77 ft of depth. It has a height of 3.38 ft or 103 cm. it has dimensions of 53×73×38 centimeter.

Coleman Nxt 200 Review


It has a swivel design. It has highly compact design and it can be stored anywhere easily. The Coleman NXT 200 is a portable grill that can be carried anywhere from your backyard to mountains or from your lawn to outside picnic points and parks. It has wheels to carry it easily anywhere. It has a stand-up design with cross legs, so it can be stored anywhere in your garage or your backyard.


This grill has a large space and capacity as it is 321 sq. inch. Such space offers a large room for plenty of food to be grilled and cooked at once for all your friends and family to enjoy a fresh meals. It can grill more than 18 burgers at once. You can grill BBQ for your whole crew at the same time and enjoy your dinner together.


It can support 20,000 BTUs of intensity for cooking. It can cook your food with such energy without fear of catching fire and burn your place or belongings. It cooks your BBQ and steaks completely with such amount of energy.

Iron Grills:

It has iron grills coated with porcelain. Such porcelain-coated iron grills surface is able to support high-temperature grilling and cooking. This grill supports high energy intensity cooking and provides you with a tasty grilled meal.


 With one press of push-button, lighting starts without match sticks. So it is very easy to start your grill cooking or making your BBQ and burgers just by pressing the ignition button and the grill surface starts getting hot to serve you a sizzling hot meal.


It has dual even temp Burners which helps to provide even heat on all over the surface of the grill and helps you to cook food which is evenly cooked. It has two independently adjustable burners that allow you to control temperature correctly. Now you can cook all your food at the same temperature and you can control heat with two temperature zone.

Heat core technology:

It has a heat core technology that provides direct heat up to the grill surface and provides stovetop cooking. It has a perfect flow of heat. This technology helps the grill to provide you with consistent and efficient performance and cook your food properly.


It has built thermostat which helps you to know the temperature and you can check if you are cooking at the right temperature and whether it is too hot or normal or temperature is low. Now you can ensure that you are cooking your food on the right temperature.

Grease cup:

It has a pivotal grease cup that stays on the same level so in order to avoid spilling. So you have a grease cup which is even and avoid spilling of extra grease and waste here and there.

Interchangeable cooktops:

You can interchange your cooktops to cook more variety of meals and serve your guests with different meal options. Coleman NXT 200 provides you with a swap top option that you can interchange your grill with griddle if you want or you can change it with stove grate. So you can cook BBQ on grill and on the griddle you can cook eggs or make burgers it all your taste choice.

Side tables:

It has two side tables on which you can put your ingredients and other products whatever you want. You can put your food boxes or your sauces and it is easy to grab products from these sides of the grill which can hold your stuff and make cooking more convenient.


It has tall lid which can help you to store more food in the grill. Now you can store a large portion of your meal to keep it hot in a tall and more capacitated lid of Coleman NXT 200. Now you can store more food for more friends at your party.


It can work for one hour with a 16.4 oz cylinder. So now you can cook and grill for family and friends whatever you want.

Buying guide:

Just in case if you are out of time and do not want to go through the full article we have prepared this buying guide for you. This buying guide provides you details about the product under discussion and it will help you to make the best decision as your investment is very important so it should be directed to the way which is beneficial for you in long run.

Coleman 2000012520 NXT 200:

Coleman 2000012520 NXT 200 has taken grilling indoors or outdoors to the next level. This grill is highly durable as it is made with high-quality material and it has really made cooking an easy task. It has improved the cooking experience too much extent as it has provided a high level of comfort with its design and unique and reliable features.


This grill is spacious enough to prepare food for your whole crew at once in minutes. Tasty grilled steak and BBQ or burgers can be served in the shortest time for your friend and family and to make your parties and reunions more delightful. You can cook tasty food in a few minutes with an easy start button without match sticks burned in your backyard.


With 20,000 BTUs energy, you can grill whatever you want. This high intensity and energy let you cook your favorite food any time you want or anywhere you like whether it is your backyard or park in your town or any other picnic point.


The thermometer in Coleman NXT 200 helps you to keep a check on the temperature and adjust it accordingly with two burners. So now if you are cooking vegetables or making beef steak you can check and adjust the temperature according to your choice.

Porcelain iron grills:

It has a porcelain-coated iron grill surface to support high-temperature grilling and cooking. It helps the heat to be equally distributed and cook fresh and tasty meals for your parties and picnics.


Coleman NXT 200 is a powered grill which is the best choice to grill your tasty food on your camps or in your parties. It is easy to carry anywhere you want. If you want fresh tasty food on hand on your trips Coleman 2000012520 NXT 200 is the best choice.

  • Easily transportable
  • Highly compact
  • Lightweight so easy to carry
  • Thermometer to check temperature
  • High-quality material
  • Matchless instant ignition
  • Easy to clean
  • Swap top option
  • Easy to assemble
  • No grease tray
  • Extra attachments are not available


Is this grill durable?

Yes. It is durable as it is made of high-quality material such as porcelain-coated iron grills.

Whether this item is easy to be used?

Yes, it is very easy to use as it can assemble easily. It has a thermometer to check the temperature and has burners which can be adjusted according to your choice.


Coleman is one of the leading brands and is well known for camping and outdoor products such as tents or kitchen appliances such as grills and stoves. It provides users with high-quality grills and stoves with advanced features and an amazing capacity for cooking a large portion of food.

This article provides detailed information about Coleman NXT 200 review which will help you to choose the best grill for your adventures. Coleman NXT 200 is one of the best grills with unique and amazing features that is produced to cook fresh food on your camps and for your parties.