Craving for a barbecue? Well, how much will you love those weekend barbeque parties? On this occasion, the Weber grill comes in handy. What about the maintenance and usage of these grills? Out of all, the main question is whether these grills are reliable?

It is assumed that Weber grills come with an excellent warranty, and the silver lining is that most of these grill components come with a guarantee of 5 to 10 years. Let us delve deep into the matter and see how long do Weber grills last?

Types of grill

Weber grills can be classified as per the need and preference of the user. The categorization of this kind of Grills is discussed below.

Weber Gas grills

The company has manufactured the gas grills keeping in mind the standards of performance. The solid grills that are present in Weber gas grills are reliable and last for decades.

Buyers might find it a bit expensive. But one must not deny their durability and beauty. Besides, the grill comes with a warranty period of 10 years. So you will not have to incur any investment over the decade. Both the lines of the gas grills come with sturdy constructions. Packed with some amazing features, these gas grills are an absolute must for any house.

Weber Charcoal grills

When you want to enjoy the perfect smoked meat, your right place would be Weber charcoal grills. Unlike the Weber gas grill, the Weber charcoal grill has a simple design. Hence your chance of encountering a failed mechanism is negligible. The open flame and the continuous smoke of the charcoal grill create the perfect combination of a smoked and delicious dish.

Weber electric portable grills

From the name, one can assume that this Weber grill is easier to store than compact design. But one has to be careful about the storing of this portable grill. Because proper storage of this grill can extend its usability, this grill is best for excursions, trekking, picnic, outings for any business trip. One can experience peace of mind with this grill as these grills are sturdy, cool down quickly, and durable. The warranty period of these small portable grills is under 10 years, but with proper maintenance, the user can expect the Weber grills to last longer.

Stainless steel grills by Weber

One of the most versatile and durable grills that the company has manufactured. These Weber stainless steel grills last for a lifetime. It comes with an array of features and an unimaginable warranty. If you are an avid griller, this is your to-go product. With proper maintenance, these Weber grills will outlive their warranty. Therefore if you want a grill with a long life with jam-packed features, you should definitely go for weber stainless steel grills.

Risks to grill

Though Weber grills come with extensive durability, the life span depends on how one person uses them. Some of them use it for only special occasions whereas others use it more often.

While you are using the Weber grills, there are certain risk factors that the grill is affiliated to. As the Weber grill has been designed to be operated outdoors, weather plays a major role in durability. In that case, one has to be careful about the moisture trappings and rusting of the grills by Weber.

A dirty grill with a lot of food residue and grease can attract pests. These pests are known to home in the unused grills causing damage to the Weber grill. Some companies provide cotton lining grill covers for extra safety e to the outer body of the grill. These linens are attractive to two birds. Birds tend to pull out the lining for nesting purposes.

Lastly, grease in the Weber grill is a suitable environment for molds. Therefore any space with moisture and low air circulation invites mildew. Though these are not harmful, they are certainly not appealing for our appetizers.

Weber Grill

How long do weber grills last?

In general, Weber grills come with a guarantee of 10 years of usage. The grills are meant to defy the rust and burns. Depending on the model, the cook box off the grill comes 5 to 10 years long.

So basically, the Weber grill lasts for more than a decade. This is one of the reasons that people are in love with the Weber grill. Apart from the longevity of the grill by Weber, it is incredibly easier to repair. If any part of the Weber grill gets damaged, one can view the schematics and order for the replacement. This will end all worries about discarding the Weber grill.

How to maintain and clean your weber grills?

Even if you have spent an exorbitant amount on your Weber grill, the grills will become dysfunctional if you don’t maintain them. One has to maintain the standards of cleaning the Weber grill thoroughly.

Cleaning the Weber grill after every grilling situation will make your grill last longer and improve the competency of the grill. After using, you should positively clean the grill and scrape off the grease with the grates’ remaining food particles. If you use a charcoal grill, you must make it a habit to empty the ash from the grills.

Whenever you are using a stainless steel Weber grill, you must be careful about collecting rust in the grills. But that will not let you discard the grills totally. If you scrape off the rust and repaint the grill, you will have a brand new grill.

Lastly, during the winter, Weber grills are not much required. At that time, you should deep clean your grills and then consider storing them. You should thoroughly inspect for any damage in any part of the Weber grill. If you suspect any, you must not wait and in accordance to it. If you deep clean your Weber grill twice a year, your grill will last you over a decade.

What to do if the grill igniter is broken?

Every Weber grill comes with a grill igniter. If your grill igniter is broken, you can light up the grill manually. So the good news is even if your igniter is broken, the grill will last.

What gas should I use on my grill?

If your grill is made for natural gases, it is advisable not to use propane. Once you use propane instead of natural gas, you expose yourself to safety dangers. For Weber grills, if one uses different gas rather than the mentioned one, it can cut down the grill’s longevity. You can spoil the Weber grill

Dangers of using gas grills

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Therefore using a dirty grill is always not recommended. Especially when you are looking to smoke your meat, dirty grills are a big no.

The worst part is dirty grills can expose you to fatal food poisoning. As the smoke, oil, and grease start accumulating on the grates of the grill from Weber, it becomes a home for bacteria leaving the drill toxic. When the fresh foods come in contact with the toxic grates, the grates’ bacteria cause food poisoning.

Apart from food poisoning, there are other severe health consequences of using dirty Weber grills.

Facts to be known about Weber grills

Once you decide to grill, you have to know some facts about Weber grills. This will help you with the convenience of grilling tastier food.

  • Company designs every Weber gas grills to operate on either natural gas or propane. Therefore it is not possible that you use a natural gas model with propane and vice versa. Doing that might void the warranty period of the grill. Also, the company recommends not to do that for safety reasons.
  • When you manhandle your igniter, it is not a problem because you can manually light the grill and make those delicious dishes.
  • Before cooking on the Weber grill, you must preheat your grill. After lighting the grill, you should turn the burner to higher flames and close the lid of the grill. Doing this for 10 to 15 minutes will help you to clean off the cooking grates. This process ensures you make clean food.
  • It is important to clean the outer part of the grill. This will help to keep the grills in good shape and make them available for long
  • Cooking on Weber grills will become easier if you close the lid of the grill. This will trap the heat in the grill and initiate faster cooking. But if you try to grill by Weber with the lead open, the process will take longer, and also, you will miss the grilled and smoky flavor of your food.


All weber grills are built to last and have awesome durability. By maintaining the proper care, you can actually expand the lifespan of the grills. The main and the most important fact that one needs to remember while using a weber grill is to keep the inside of the grill clean. This will help in the proper operation and mechanism of the grills by Weber and extend the Weber grill’s longevity.