Building a rotisserie smoker requires no motor; yes, you heard it right. With that, it is one of the low maintenance cookers for your late-night bbq party. That is, you can easily replace the blocks whenever needed.

A DIY rotisserie smoker will give you another level of outdoor smoking. Whether it is low and slow Turkey or barbecue smoked chicken, you are sure to thank your rotisserie smoker.

The design is pretty simple and does not require any architectural skills to build this rotisserie smoker. For your next outdoor plans, remember this guide on how to build a rotisserie smoker.

What is a rotisserie smoker?

A rotisserie smoker is an outdoor cooking appliance that helps you to cook meat while it rotates. The rotating makes the meat smoke through and through. This outdoor cooking appliance lets you cook chicken, pork, turkey, or any other meat for hours.

Rotisserie smoker helps you to save money on power, unlike the cooking oven of your kitchen.

The smoker is a boon to every barbecue lover. It’s one of the brilliant ways to cook food slowly and save electricity at the same time.

Let’s see the reasons why one should build a rotisserie smoker and how to construct that.

Why should you build a rotisserie smoker?

A rotisserie smoker can be an expensive purchase for many. It is the only reason why one should go for a DIY rotisserie smoker.

Let us take a look at the materials and tools required to build a rotisserie smoker.

Materials to build a rotisserie smoker

Rotisserie smoker consists of three parts- the barbecue body, the lead, and the grill. To build this 3 part, you will require 25 pieces of 8 inch X 16-inch cinder blocks from 15 pieces of 8-inch x 8 inch X 16-inch cap for standard blocks. Twenty-two pieces of 12-inch x 12-inch patio stones might help to construct the body of the rotisserie smoker.

Cinder blocks are one of the most basic materials for building the body of the rotisserie smoker.

The next set of materials that you will require to build is the pit of the rotisserie smoker. For this, you need a metal pipe of 4 feet by 1.5 inches and 3 to 4 cubic feet of gravel or stones.

And the last part that is the lead of the rotisserie smoker can be made from a steel drum which is safe to use for cooking food. Apart from that, one would require angled iron which measures 20 feet X 1.5 inches.

You will also need flat back spray paint with the highest heat resistance, two threaded rod pieces, one wooden hockey stick, and 4.5 inches x 5.16 inches bolts.

Ensure that all these items are easily available before you delve into constructing the do-it-yourself rotisserie smoker. Also, expanded rebar and metal stakes are absolute musts.

Rotisserie Smoker

Tools required

While building the rotisserie smoker, you would require these items either for the building purpose or for the safety concern.

  •   Safety wears like goggles or gloves.
  •   Short level
  •   Long level
  •   Measuring tapes
  •   Carpenter square
  •   Chisel
  •   Marking tools to marks (a permanent marker can do well here)
  •   Handheld grinder
  •   Hammer
  •   Metal cutting disc
  •   Wooden or metal stakes

Guide to build rotisserie smoker

As said earlier, building a rotisserie smoker needs just a few items and a useful guide. As per the guidelines given in this article, you can size the material or down depending on how big or small you want your pet to be.

The first thing you need to do is choose the perfect spot to build the rotisserie smoker. For safety concerns, you should build the smoker away from trees or any combustible object. It would protect you and the surroundings from fire while cooking.

When you are sure of the location, now is the time that you lay down the foundation. It would be best if you prepared the rotisserie smoker at ground level. You can do it by putting patio stones or walkway stones. The stone would help the cinder blocks of the smoker intact. Further, it will prevent these blocks from slipping down into the pit hole.

After that, you can tape down the stakes with the flagging tape. By doing this, you need to map out the place around the laid patio stones. The mapped-out area will be the total dimension of your rotisserie smoker. After laying the walkway stones or patio stones, you can start digging the pit. Digging about a one-foot dip would be sufficient for or a good rotisserie smoker.

Now you should try to line the pit with rebar stakes or expanded metal stakes. These stakes will hold the sand and prevent it from getting inside the pit hole. You can try and fill the pit with sand or gravel. Once you are done with this, you can stack up the cinder blocks around the open area. Also so make sure to follow the same building plans on the outer parts of the rotisserie smoker.

You have to be very intricate in this level to avoid any loopholes in your rotisserie smoker. If there are any protrusions, make sure to use a hammer or chisel to get an even result.

The cinder blocks will look as if they are piled up on top of the other. One can achieve this structure without the help of any mortar. Therefore one needs to make sure that they level up the block by fitting into each other nicely.

While doing this, make sure that you leave an extra space you can hold the rotisserie skewer. You can drill the top row of both sides with a half-inch hole for fixing the hinge brackets for convenience. Thus both the world of your rotisserie smoker will have a half-inch hole where you can rotate the meat with the help of a skewer.

Now it is the time to make the spit. It can be achieved using a steel pipe. It would be best if you had to Pierce the steel pipe along its length and weld it to a gear on the other end. While doing this, ensure that the pipe has support from both sides. You can please the horizon till arms and the brackets on the pipes making the shape of ‘V.’

It will hold the pipe while the skewers are rotating during the cooking process.

One can, however, adjust it depending upon what one is cooking.

To make the covering parts of the rotisserie smoker, you need to cut down a drum in half size down its length. It is when you need the threaded rod and the angle iron for making the hinged lid. One can make the hockey sticks play a part here. One can use it to handle the lid of the smoker. You can fix it to the cut drum by using a copper pipe and the bolts.

Now your rotisserie smoker lead will rotate with the help of threaded rods attached at the back portion of the lid. It happens if you put the vertical hinge bracket on both sides of the cinder blocks. Once you finish with all the adjustments, make sure that your rotisserie smoker is secured properly. It will make your smoker easy to use and also safer.


Either it’s your traditional campfire cooking or a barbecue party at your place, you cannot have enough of smoked and grilled meats with a glass of brewed juice. Since the rotisserie smoker comes with a lot of expense, this guide will help you build your rotisserie smoker without encouraging a hole in your pocket.

All those party lovers and bbq cravers, what are you waiting for? Build your own safe and sweet rotisserie smoker to arrange the best barbecue party in your place.