Have you ever wondered how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs all by yourself? If you have a backyard or an outdoor area that is more or less empty, you may have thought often to use it as a cozy outdoor space where you can have a great time with your family and friends. You can think of all the fun outdoor activities that you can do with a close, intimate gathering.  You can play games, have a barbecue, or choose any other interesting outdoor activities, especially when the weather is amazing, and have a gala time with your loved ones.

However, to use that outdoor space effectively and to have a proper cooking session outdoors, you will need to have a kitchen snuck somewhere outside the house. Having a kitchen in that outdoor space will be comfortable as it will save you a lot of trips to your kitchen inside the house. It is certainly not very easy and manageable to keep moving indoor and outdoor, cooking food in your indoor kitchen and then bringing it outdoor where your family and friends are having a party.

Hopping from your kitchen to your party going on in your outdoor space will not only make you tire easily, but it will also be quite a hassle to take the dishes and everything back from the outdoor space to the kitchen inside the house.

That is the reason why the thought of building an outdoor kitchen must have come to your mind quite often. The problem arises when people start thinking about ways on how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs? Apart from metal studs, there are other materials too, but metal studs have a resilience that no other substance or material can provide as such.

But first, let us get to know more about these highly resilient metal studs.

What are metal studs?

Metal studs are used for structural framing. It means that they are used in the construction of walls and planes. These metal studs are composed of cold-formed steel.

A stud and a track are the two components utilized in the framing technique with the help of these metal studs.

For load-bearing areas, metal studs of the heavy gauge are used. Similarly, for many structural applications, heavy gauged metal studs are used as they provide solid structural integrity. However, lighter gauged metal studs are used in the building of non-load-bearing areas like the internal walls, partitions, half-walls, etc.

Outdoor Kitchen

How to build an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen can be built with different materials, such as wood or some other metal. However, with wood, the level of resistance and endurance is slightly lower and then there are dangers of termite attack on wood too. Therefore, to build an outdoor kitchen, expert do-it-yourselfers who have a lot of experience building stuff in their outdoor spaces suggest that metal studs are the best choice out there for building an outdoor kitchen.

Steps of building an outdoor kitchen with metal studs:

Building an outdoor kitchen with metal studs is not very complicated. However, it is time-consuming, requires a lot of dedication and perseverance, and requires some basic knowledge of building stuff for outdoor spaces, especially with studs.

  • Determine your intent: The first step is to determine whether you are up for committing to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs yourself, or you need a contractor to do that for you? An expert contractor will be able to build it without any flaws while saving your time, but you have to determine if you will feel happier by adding a personal touch to that empty outdoor space of yours? In case you are ready for a commitment, then you can move ahead with the next step.
  • Make a plan: The next step is the most crucial one. You have to develop a proper plan for your outdoor kitchen. You have to make a blueprint and it is better if you get it checked with an expert too so that there are no flaws in your outdoor kitchen. At this stage, you must have a clear image of your desired end-product in your mind, and you must have a list of all the things like the sink, drawers, island, grills, etc. that you would want in your outdoor kitchen ready too.
  • Bring in the appropriate tools: You need some special tools and gadgets to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs. Especially for steel, the right tools are necessary so that working with them becomes easier for you.

A list of these tools includes the following:

Hammer drill, Level, Metal cut-on saw Screw gun, Fasteners, Chalk box, Laser level/ plumb bob, Clamps, and screws of different sizes.

Get the right number of metal studs for your outdoor kitchen:

Of course, when you have decided to build your kitchen in that outdoor space of yours with metal studs, you need to determine the exact number of metal studs you will require for the entire structural organization and application. Usually, studs are used 12 inches apart for building walls of the kitchen, so you need to figure out the right amount of metal studs as well as tracks for the bottom and top of the structure.

  • Mark your limits and start plumbing and screwing the top and bottom tracks: With the help of chalk, start marking the outlines clearly, and once done with that, start screwing the lower tracks first along those lines. Drill a hole into the stud and track and then fasten it up with a screw. While ministering the side flanges, don’t forget to flatten them up for the first track so that overlapping can be easily achieved. You must secure your track with a concrete screw to the floor for added security and support.

After that, focus on plumbing the top and bottom-most tracks with a plumb bob or laser level.

  • Trim the studs and join the studs with the tracks: The next step in building your kitchen in the outdoor space of your home is to trim the metal studs with a snip jaw or miter saw with a metal cutting blade. You must be careful about your hands while handling this heavy-duty task. Once the metal studs are properly trimmed, use C-clamp locking pliers to join the studs with the tracks with the help of a no.8 pan-head screw that should be around half an inch long.
  • Metal headers for unusually shaped furniture: For some extraordinary cases, you can cut your track 2 inches longer than the width you kept for opening. OutWith each flange of the track being an inch long, you can bend the web to ninety degrees with the help of metal locking pliers.
  • Fill the gaps with wood or pour concrete: Now, your basic internal framework with metal studs is ready, you can either pour concrete for better stability, or you can use concrete panels, add in some wood to fill the empty spaces, etc.
  • Countertops and final look: Your kitchen with metal studs is almost ready. All you need now is to add some countertops and veneers. Considering that this kitchen is in an outdoor space, you can use granite for the countertops of your kitchen in the outdoor space because it is stronger and more resistant to damage. For veneers, you can use tiles, stones, vinyl, anything that you like.