Blackstone is a famous company that brings the most exotic griddles for outdoor cooking.

All Blackstone are of extremely refined quality and are very user-friendly. Not only they are simple to use and handle, but these Blackstone products are also very easy to maintain and clean as well after you are done with your cooking.

Blackstone products are your perfect companion while camping out, trekking, or just enjoying a bar b cue session with your friends and family outside the comforts of your homely kitchens and fancy stoves.

Blackstone is also a must-have if you are a professional chef or own a catering company. If you are fond of running charity food banks, or if you own a food truck, your Blackstone products will always help you with your business.

There are a wide range and variety of products that Blackstone brings for its users.

Some of the Blackstone products are extremely heavy-duty, while some of them are portable and allow to be carried and installed easily wherever you want to take them.

Is cleaning a Blackstone griddle difficult ?

 Many people believe that cleaning of a griddle requires a lot of additional stuff or it is a difficult, time-consuming process, but you will find out through this article that it is nothing but just a little bit of technique, a spatula, some paper towels, and little bit of water! 

 However, the cleaning steps are easy, and we will get to them later, but first, you must know all the intricate details of how your Blackstone griddle looks when it is unused, what to expect from it, how many sizes it comes in, and how do you make it completely safe and suitable for cooking with proper seasoning methods. 

You must have complete knowledge of how ‘seasoning’ works for your Blackstone griddle and why it is necessary too.

Clean Blackstone Griddle

What to expect when you own a Blackstone griddle ?

Amongst all the Blackstone products and amidst all the wide range, getting a Blackstone griddle is one of the most incredible experiences.
People often wonder about ways to clean a Blackstone product and about the maintenance and such of a Blackstone griddle.
Actually, as much as we can stress on this fact, when Blackstone products are in question, especially a Blackstone griddle of any size, maintenance is one of their best features.

We all know that after a rigorous cooking session, there is a lot of residues left on the griddle surface, including residual protein, splatters and leftovers of caramelization, and a little bit of water here and there, all of that comes off the surface, and it scrapes off.
However, all the products by Blackstone, especially the Blackstone griddles, come up with easy solutions to get all cleaned up once again!

Blackstone griddle with a rear grease management system :

Newer designs or models of a Blackstone griddle come with a rear grease management system that allows you to literally push everything to the front and then collect all the residue in the adjoining little trays. All you need to do is just wipe it down with a paper towel and then apply a little bit of oil to protect it. And it is ready for the next round of cooking.

Maintenance and seasoning of your griddle:

As stressed before, it is an extremely easy process, and that is what the most wonderful and incredible thing about your Blackstone griddle is. It is completely hassle-free and very efficient. Cleaning your Blackstone griddle does not even require any special solutions or cleaning agents. 

The whole process to clean the griddle is the least expensive, highly effective, and very efficient. 

The first look when you buy your griddle, more precisely a Blackstone griddle:

When a person gets a Blackstone griddle for the first time, it does not have a black colour that you see after cooking on your griddle several times. 

Actually, it is cold-rolled steel, and it looks like a smooth, shiny griddle surface. Just like for a cast iron pan, this griddle is then “seasoned,” which is the process of burning off oil in small thin layers to create a nonstick and black surface. 

Expert chefs who use this griddle for commercial uses believe that the blacker your griddle turns, the better it is!

Blackstone griddles need to be quite hot for cooking, so we need to have that layer of protection that’s the seasoning.

cleaning blackstone griddle

Some seasoning mistakes:

It is really easy for new users to make the biggest mistake and that is adding too much oil during the seasoning process. You need thin oils, and you have to layer it four or five times to get the perfect nonstick surface. It does not matter what kind of oil you use to season it, although a lot of people have their preferences.

Some experts suggest using flaxseed oil, which, although it is a bit more expensive flaxseed is the closest thing to linseed oil and has a hardening agent, so if you do it right it won’t chip.

What happens when you have a thick layer of oil on your griddle?

 If you have too thick of a layer later on your griddle, or you don’t use it very often, it could chip. You may even use bacon fat for the seasoning of your griddle too. 

How does seasoning help with your Blackstone griddle?

Seasoning helps to lock delicious flavors from all your previous cooking, but many people do not prefer it. That is where they want to know the entire process to clean their Blackstone griddles. 

Various sizes of a Blackstone griddle :

Blackstone griddles come in different sizes. The 50-inch griddle is ideal if you have a

the catering company, a food truck, even if you are doing charity food events, this is a must-have, so you can cook for an army non-stop all day long. 

It comes with six heat zones so you can control the temperature of your cooking easily. 

Expert chefs call it a ‘cooking beast!!’  

There is a tailgater with two separate stations. There are a grill and griddle on one side and the grill box on the other side.

Next is the 36-inch griddle that has four burners. It means that it has four individual heat zones.  

Blackstone griddles come in a 22-inch size, 28-inches, and a 17-inch griddle. The 17-inch griddle is the

most used because it is portable. Many people use it for tailgating or camping, etc.

grill cleaning

How heated up a Blackstone griddle must be for cooking? 

While cooking steaks, for example, a lot of people make the mistake of using the wrong temperature. Either they go extremely high, or their griddles are not hot enough!. Now, if you want a perfect Steakhouse experience while cooking on a Blackstone griddle, you want a really hot surface. 

Steps to clean a Blackstone griddle: 

It is very important to properly clean the steel griddle top just like it is important to season your griddle. 

If you are familiar with cooking with cast iron skillets, you will be accustomed to handling your cookware with a lot of care. 

All you need to do is to:

  • Move or scrape any food residue off the griddle with the help of a spatula or your own gloved hands.
  • If you have a sugary residue on your griddle from all that sweet East Asia cooking or after cooking sugary syrups or sauces for desserts, you just grab a bottle of water and you will see this will immediately pull that sugar up off the steel. You can just simply force it off the surface too. 
  • When you’re done, just wipe off all the scraped residue with any type of oil so that it is ready for the next cooking session. 

As mentioned above, the whole cleaning and maintenance process is really simple. No matter how much food you cook in one day on your griddle when the cleanup time comes, it does not matter how long or how much you have been cooking. 

The process to clean your griddle is just as fast and just as easy.

Cleaning your griddle with water:

When you heat your griddle and pour water on the surface, you will notice when the water bubbles up. That is when everything on the surface lifts and the water discolours to a brownish shade. 

The water shade determines and lets you know that your griddle is still dirty or has been cleaned enough. 

Keep pouring fresh water and scraping off the watery residue with a spatula. 

Keep repeating the process until the colour of the water is nice and clear and no longer brown.

Steps to do once your griddle is squeaky clean: 

Once the watery residue is all clear, you know that it is all cleaned up.

Now comes an important step for the maintenance of your griddle. 

You have to add a layer of oil at the end to store it for the next cooking session. 

The layer of oil protects against rust and other elements that may affect the surface of your griddle negatively.