Once you make the first meal on the George Foreman grill, cleaning it correctly will keep it ready for several future grilling adventures. A few George Foreman grills have detachable plates, which can make cleaning them really easy, while others have plates that aren’t detachable. Either grill type is easy to clean.

Non-Removable Grill Plates:

A great tip for how you can clean your George Foreman grill without detachable plates is to do this while your grill is still warm before the remains have a possibility of hardening. Follow these steps for cleaning the grill and keep in looking and working best.

  • After making your food and unplugging your grill, keep it open for ten to fifteen minutes, permitting it to cool a little.
  • Place numerous damp paper towels onto your grill and close its lid.
  • Let your grill sit for some time and then clean it using the paper towels.
  • It might be essential to get more clean towels once the others are dirty.
  • Be certain and clean under the bottom of your grill, where drippings frequently sit.
  • Utilize your plastic spatulas that come with your grill for scraping off the difficult-to-remove foods.
  • Evade utilizing the harsh scrubbers on your grill, as these might damage its non-stick surface.
  • You can also utilize the soapy sponge for clearing down the interior.

George Foreman Grill

Removable Grill Plates:

For the George Foreman grill that has the detachable plates, clean it by using the following steps:

  • Unplug your grill and allow it to cool completely.
  • Utilize the oven mitt on your plates if you are not certain they are cooled off.
  • Take out the plates and plunge in soapy hot water.
  • Utilize the soapy sponge for cleaning the plates and let them air dry.
  • Evade utilizing the metal scrubbing pads as they might damage the surfaces of your plates.

Exterior Cleaning:

The George Foreman grills aren’t created to be immersed in water; they are the electrical appliances and putting them in the water might direct to the electrical shock.If you are not sure about grill size check our guide of What Size Grill Do I Need? it includes all important points which can help you to determine which size of grill is perfect for you

  • Clean the grill’s outside (after unplugging) using the damp paper towels or towel.
  • Just clean the exterior and let dry.

Spatulas & Trays:

The trays that come with these grills can catch all of the drippings and fat from the food are simple to clean. Put them in your sink filled with soapy hot water and clean as you’d any the plastic dish. Your plastic spatulas might be cleaned in the same manner.If your family is big then you should get Best 6 Burner Gas Grill

The Cleaning Sponges Of George Foreman Grill:

A pack of cleaning sponges by George Foreman comes with a few of the grill models. Such sponges are entirely created for cleaning the different surfaces, using a scouring side that would not damage the plates or grill. Grooves on your sponges are made for fitting right into your grill plates for simple cleaning.