It is summertime, and you are standing at your grill, feeling all the pressure of preparing vegetables and meat to perfection for the friends and family. The first step is surely to figure out how you can light the fire, without scorching your own self in this procedure! Using a bag of charcoal and a charcoal chimney or some lighter fluid, as well as a good amount of patience, you will be on the way to grilling a tasty meal.

Preparing The Grill:

Make certain that you’ve read the charcoal grills’ directions and that you comprehend them. Cleaning your grill before every use decreases the type of smoke that can leave an awful taste on your foods. Always clean out your grill carefully, removing grease and ash. Find out how much charcoal you’re gonna require. You’ll require one layer of steaks and burgers or two layers for whole chickens and roasts. You have to allow the time for charcoal to really light and build up the required heat. You’ll have to permit about twenty minutes before you can start cooking the food.

Charcoal Grill

Method#1: Light The Coals Using A Chimney Starter

This easy device utilizes paper, usually newspaper, for lighting your coals, which are then detained within the confines of the metal cylinder. These coals sit above the flames, so the rims light rapidly and assist in igniting the neighboring coals.Read Best Gas Charcoal Combo Grills Reviews

  • Fill your chimney with the right amount of charcoal. A standard one can hold about a hundred briquettes. But you might not require that many.
  • Append one or two newspaper sheets, following the directions on your chimney. Light the newspaper in numerous spots. As your paper burns in the chamber, the flames will light the charcoal’s edges above. Peek through the chimney vents for checking if the coals have begun, and the coals’ edges have turned gray. If your coals haven’t started, burn another newspaper piece. You can also drizzle your newspaper with some cooking oil before starting, so it burns a little longer.Learn How To Grill A Whole Chicken?
  • After ten minutes, you’ll see your coals beginning to glow through its vents and the flames beginning to flicker over the top coals’ layer. Pour them out into the pile and wait until your coals are mostly turned gray and covered in ash. Then spread them out. The whole procedure takes approximately fifteen minutes.

Method#2: Use The Lighter Fluid

If you do not have the charcoal chimney accessible, learn how you can utilize the lighter fluid safely and correctly. The petroleum-based lighter fluid is not the only alternative. Search for the bio-fuel lighter fluid made from the alcohol and plant-based oils instead. It’s the basic technique of lighting charcoal using the lighter fluid:

  • Pour adequate charcoal into your grill for making the required layers.
  • Stack your charcoal into a pyramid or cone shape.
  • Add the lighter fluid over your charcoal cone, utilizing more in the middle than around its edges. Utilize about ¼ cup of fluid for every charcoal pound.
  • Let this fluid sit on your coals for about thirty seconds.
  • Using a long match, light your charcoal on at least two sides from the bottom.
  • Let the coals burn until they are all white on the surface.
  • Using the long-handled instrument spread your coals evenly across the grate.
  • Close its lid and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Open its lid, replace your cooking grate, append the food, and begin cooking.