The rich enticing aroma of a succulent, juicy smoked brisket can water any meat lover’s mouth at any given time. Before we proceed to learn how to smoke a brisket in an electric smoker, let us learn first what a brisket is.

Brisket is the kind of beef that comes from the lower chest area of the animal.  It supports a lot of

Weight and has a lot of connective tissues attached to it. This is the reason why you must cook it low and slow if you want your brisket to be tender and falling off the bone with all the delicious juices dripping away.

Things to consider while buying a brisket to smoke in a smoker:

When you buy your brisket from a store or your local butcher, you must make sure that you get about an 8-to-15-pound brisket with fat attached to it. When you pick your brisket up, you must bend it while it’s still in the plastic wrap to make sure it’s soft and flexible. If the brisket is stiff as a board, it’s going to turn out to be really tough and your smoked brisket is not going to be really tender and juicy.

Also, make sure that you’re getting what’s called a Packers cut.

In a Packers cut, the brisket sticks at the one end of the which is called the “point of the brisket” and it will slope down to what is called the “flat of the brisket”.

The backside of the brisket will have what is called the “fat cap” and you will have to trim that to about a quarter-inch thickness.

You must try to get a brisket that has a relatively even fat, otherwise, your brisket is always going to be stuck at one end and will slope down to the other end of the flat.

An even brisket is going to cook more easily with all the flavors locked in securely.


Preparation of the brisket to smoke it later in a smoker:

First, prepare some delicious beef stock and then, inject the brisket with some of that beef stock to make sure that you get some salt penetrating the middle of the beef. Not to mention that it is also going to make your brisket super juicy too!

Expert chefs suggest injecting the beef stock in the brisket while it is still in the sealed plastic wrap because it is a lot less messy and you just jam your injector into the meat more easily.

Generally, you just insert the needle into your brisket along the grain.

It is advisable to go with the grain in a checkerboard pattern.

This helps in giving your brisket a good injection one inch apart at different places.

Once you are done with the injection part, you will take the brisket out of the plastic wrap and put it onto a cutting board to start trimming the brisket.  When you’re trimming the brisket, you must trim off all the hard fat.

Usually, there’s one chunk of hard fat closer to the point on the backside of the brisket which needs to be cut.

Then flip the brisket over to deal with a fat cap. You must trim the fat cap to give it a quarter-inch thickness.

Just manipulate the brisket a bit longer after this to ensure that all the spices and smoke can really get penetrated into the meat of the smoked brisket when you smoke it on an electric smoker.

All the trimmed-up fat can be used for sausages later.

Now, using salt, black pepper, and any other seasoning from any recipe that you are following, prepare a dry rub for the brisket.

Mix all the spices and start rubbing them on the brisket meat. It is better to start rubbing with the fat cap and make sure that all the spices are evenly distributed all along with the brisket.

Let the dry mixture of spices stay on the brisket for more than two hours so that they are properly absorbed. Also, by that time, the brisket will come to room temperature.

Beef Brisket

Putting the well-marinated brisket in the electric smoker:

Once you have given a couple of hours for the marination to stay on the brisket, you are now ready to put your brisket in the electric smoker to smoke it.

A rule of thumb is to smoke the brisket for about one hour for a pound of brisket.

This is just an estimated time, but it all depends on whether you injected your brisket before, prepared it well, trimmed it well, and how much fat the brisket has still on it. Also, it depends on the temperature that you are using to smoke the brisket.

Precise timing for the brisket to be well-smoked in the electric smoker:

Most expert chefs also go with one hour per pound.

And most people smoke their brisket in an electric smoker by keeping it overnight at about 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means that the brisket will take around 10 to 12 hours to get properly smoked by an electric smoker.

Check again in the morning if the brisket still needs to be in the electric smoker for longer.

But you should not overcook the brisket.

beef brisket part

Using a digital thermometer to check the temperature of the brisket:

It is better is to insert a digital temperature probe in the smoked brisket while setting it at about 195 degrees Fahrenheit. If that alarm starts going, then it means that the brisket is ready, and has been properly smoked. You can then take it out of the electric smoker.

If you do not have an electric smoker, you can use your oven to cook the brisket at about 250 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit for almost around 10 hours.

However, having a smoker, and that too an electric smoker is always a better option when you want to smoke a brisket.

There is one important thing is that you must ensure that the fat side of the brisket is up when you put it into the electric smoker.

What to do when the brisket in the electric smoker hits a temperature stall while smoking?

When your brisket keeps cooking for 10-12 hours in the electric smoker, it gets to a temperature level that’s called the “stall.”

This happens when the internal temperature of the brisket reaches about 150 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, the brisket starts evaporating its moisture and the moisture starts giving away all of the heat to cool the brisket down.

So, when the brisket starts stalling out, you can either wait for the temperature to start rising again no matter how long it takes. Usually, it takes a couple of hours to break the “stall.”

Or you can do the “Texas crutch” maneuver by opening up the electric smoker and taking out the brisket. Double wrap it in aluminum foil, and then put it back in the electric smoker.

This will prevent the evaporative heat loss in the cooling effect and will accelerate the internal temperature rise of the brisket much quicker.

This “Texas crutch” method can lead to a better, juicier brisket.

Things to do once you take the smoked brisket out of the electric smoker:

Now, it is very important when you take the brisket out of the smoker to let it rest for approximately an hour. This will let the juices sink back into the smoked brisket meat and your brisket will be juicier, more succulent, and more flavorful.

It is better to wrap the brisket in parchment paper and then, move it on and wrap it in aluminum foil. If you do not want the heat to dissipate quickly, you can also wrap this already wrapped brisket in a towel.

Leave the smoked brisket for about an hour to rest. After an hour, take the brisket out of the towel and transfer it onto a clean cutting board.

Always make sure that you are cutting against the grain of the brisket.

Cut perpendicular slices with a really sharp knife and enjoy the heavenly tasting juicy smoked brisket that you smoked in an electric smoker.

If you have never prepared a brisket before, you have missed out a lot in your life! You must go on now and get a brisket, an electric smoker, and start cooking delicious brisket to satisfy your taste buds and bless them with an amazing experience.

It is a tedious and long process, no doubt, but it definitely is worth all the patience and hard work. A brisket that has been smoked in a smoker, especially in an electric smoker is something that you cannot imagine cooking otherwise.

The taste, the flavors, the juices, everything will slip off if you try to cook a beef brisket any other way apart from smoking it in an electric smoker.

Buying an electric smoker is definitely a great investment especially if you are a meat lover and always crave a tender, juicy, scrumptious smoked brisket.