There are an innumerable amount of grills that exist in this world solely to provide their users with whatever they need and needless to say, the Kenmore grills are one of them. Consider your smokey-flavored food needs to be fulfilled with these grills. We all want that perfect medium-rare steak and that smokey char-grilled burger patty right?

Finding the perfect grill for your family is really important because when it comes to enjoying events a flop grill would drastically alter the mood. We don’t want you to have a disastrous barbecuing party, do we? No, we don’t! we want you to live your char grilling dreams to full capacity and that can only be achieved with the best Kenmore grill you can find.

On the other hand, grills are expensive and complicated products to invest in. It Is not easy buying things you do not normally know about or something you can not find so easily. Therefore, we have researched for you and picked out the best Kenmore grill for you to buy for yourself. The Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AZ-is highly recommended due to its burner capacity, burner output, and durability.

Kenmore Grill Reviews

To ease your consumption process we have made a comparison chart of the Kenmore gas grills. Listed below are the extraordinary features of these burners along with the links attached to where you can find the best deals to buy these grills.

Which Kenmore grill is the best one then? Time to do some research so you don’t have to.

Kenmore PG-40406SOL-SE-AM


  • Electronic ignition button
  • Stainless steel tubes
  • Ergonomic design


  • No warranty

The Kenmore PG-40406SOL-SE-AM is a seventy-six pounds weighing gas grill with the power to change your barbecue-themed partying selves. It has a primary cooking area of four hundred and forty-two square inches, a secondary cooking area of one hundred and eighty square inches, and a total cooking area of six hundred and twenty-two square inches. Which is enough space to hold forty-one burgers and trust us when we say that line just made us drool!

This grill brings the heat with four burners formulated from stainless steel tubes that carry ten thousand units of BTU. Along with that, the extra side burner carries thirteen thousand units of BTU. The total amount of BTU carried being fifty-three thousand units. Your steaks and patties are going to be smoked like if they were put over live coals!

The beautifully grand surfaces of this grill are coated with powder and are made from high-quality stainless steel. Forget rusting this surface might not even scrape off! Most of the time grills don’t stand a chance against harsh weather but Kenmore offers an extremely high-quality protection coat that is untouchable whilst facing these challenges.

Another convenient and ergonomic feature in this gas grill is the open back that supports both propane cylinders and if you want you can attach a natural gas pipeline. The open back is great for when you have to replace, refill or remove the cylinders. This also has an electrical ignition button that can be pressed to instantly start your grilling journey.

Kenmore Grill

Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AZ-AM


  • Large cooking surface
  • Folding shelves
  • Good burning output


  • No warranty

The Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AZ-AM is the hero of your barbecuing fantasy with three hundred and eighty-one square inches of primary and one hundred and thirty-one square inches of secondary cooking spaces. A total of five hundred and twelve square inches can hold up to thirty-three burgers and I suppose you would like to throw a party after buying this grill. You can prepare your food on the side space provided, the shelves can be used for storage while you work.

The shelves are foldable which is very convenient for storing the burner and setting it in place. There are three main burners made of solid stainless steel with a power of ten thousand units of BTU each which makes a total of thirty thousand units of BTU power- more than enough to grill anything and everything. The perfect amount of power to cook your food to a five-star quality!

This grill is not hard to use like other complicated gas grills, the electrical ignition feature makes it even easier since all you have to do is push a button and your Kenmore grill is fired up! The chef won’t have to spend half their time trying to turn on a gas grill anymore it’s all electrical now.

The grill’s surfaces and side shelves are coated with a powder that makes this gas grill almost invincible. The increase in durability due to this feature is a saving grace for protection against harsh conditions, such as rain, storms, snow, and the extreme sun.


In a nutshell, the features we need for all you grilling connoisseurs are described in the aforementioned review. The extensive research done by us has proven that a grill is only a grill if it has at least three burners (four is even better). It should have a strong burner output, just strong enough to cook to perfection and not burn your food- the ideal BTU being ten thousand units per burner.

It is also preferable if the grill is made from stainless steel and is coated with powder because the durability of this heavy-weight product is compulsory. Buying a gas grill is not easy on the pockets which is why Kenmore is the best option for your household because Kenmore does not compromise on the quality of its products.

Also, the large surface area of these grills is a necessary add-on since barbecues are never for a party of one. The more the merrier because both the aforementioned grills can hold up to thirty-three and forty-one burgers respectively. That should be the standard for most grills because the person doing the barbecuing needs to enjoy the party too.

Some featured are extremely important but are normally looked over by consumers- the accessories. The grill should definitely have handles and hooks on the sides to hold utensils and cutlery. While the shelves should also be spacious and wide for the best cooking prep experience.

If the shelves are retractable then that is an even more convenient feature. Sometimes the grill needs to be stored indoors during harsh weather conditions and retracting shelves can be a great feature for that.

Other accessories like an exterior gauge to read the temperature whilst cooking is essential because you do not want your food to be either undercooked or overcooked. Simultaneously, the stainless steel burners are a helping hand when it comes to insulation and evenly distributing the heat from the burner to the food.

Another feature that we think is irreplaceable is the propane storage space at the back of the gas grill. It can be linked to both a cylinder and to a natural gas pipeline. This can be a life-saving design feature because putting open cylinders at the side can be very dangerous especially if there are any kind of heat sources around like; bonfires, cigarettes, or fireworks.

To sum it up, we hope that the ample amount of information we have provided to you can be of help. Hopefully, this article review and extensive research made your internet surfing and product buying experience easy.