Cooking on a conventional flame with a lot of smoke while standing in the kitchen is one of the most unwanted and disliked things to do by most of us. This has not bored us not only in terms of food taste but the smoke produced in this process is injurious to health as well.

The need of the hour is to revolutionize the cooking techniques to enhance a food taste and at the same time, save time and energy for the good. Keeping this concept in mind, we have brought amazing equipment that will serve the purpose and relieve you from the hassle.

With this text today, we are going to introduce you to Masterbuilt mes 130b review which is an automatic and digital electric smoker that will cook tasty food in a new and unique style in a smoke-free environment and with relatively less effort.

MasterBuilt Mes 130b

  • Fully automatic
  • Large capacity
  • Smoky flavors
  • Side tray
  • High- temperature range
  • Internally insulated
  • Insulation may damage at high-temperature

Everyone today is familiar with Master built. It is a brand that has made its roots in the field of food equipment with the hard work of a lot of years. They started with a motto to manufacture such products that will bring people closer and make relationships stronger through food. We are happy to announce that the brand has successfully achieved its goal.

Masterbuilt mes 130b

Masterbuilt Mes 130b Review

One such product that has brought a revolution in the food world is the Masterbuilt mes 130b. The master built smoker comes in matte black color and the logo of master built is imprinted on the front side. It looks like a mini-fridge from outside. One cannot imagine but just looking at it that it is a completely different product and has exactly contradictory working.

In simple words, we can say that the fridge is a cupboard that cools and freezes the food while the master built smoker is one such cupboard that cooks the food in a whole different style. The size of masterbuilt mes 130b smoker is 30 inches which have enough capacity to cook for a feast at your home or a picnic party.

The master built smoker comes in four different variants. The first variant includes the master built smoker only. The second variant comes with the smoker along with its cover. The cover is used to protect it from dust and moisture when not in use. The third variant comes with master built smoker along with the stand to place it. The fourth one includes smoker and smoking chips.

Size and weight of the Grill

If you want full protection of it and to use it with its full functions, we recommend you to buy the variant which includes master built smoker along with the leg stand. Buy cove rand smoking chips separately to get the best out of it. Talking about the dimensions of the item, it measures 19.88L by 20.47W by 33.26H in inches and weighs 45.9lb. Now, you have an idea of its size.

So, you know it can easily be placed in one corner of your kitchen for daily use. Also, the weight is not much hence, you can easily displace it on the lawn during dinners and Bar B Q parties. The master built smoker is made of steel making it very durable and corrosion-resistant. This high-quality steel will make it look new for a longer time.


Moving towards its functionality, the master built smoker is controlled through a digital panel that is fitted at the top side. This panel has various buttons to control the temperature, cooking time, etc. With this meter, you can adjust the temperature as high as 275 degrees Fahrenheit which is enough to cook any type of meat.


Talking about the capacity of the masterbuilt mes 130b smoker, it comes with enough capacity to cater to large parties and dinners. It has a capacity of cooking 2 turkeys and 4 pork butts along with 4 racks of rib and 6 chickens at a time. With this, you can easily get the idea of extremely large capacity. It comes with four grill trays which can be adjusted at a time to make use of maximum capacity.


The internal side of the smoker is fully insulated to avoid dissipation of heat and keep the food warm for a longer time. Beneath these trays, there is the heating arrangement of the smoker along with the mechanism for adding a smoky flavor to your food. The master built smoker has a tray for putting wood chips to add a smoky flavor. This try is operated from outside.

You can put it out from the side, place the smoky chips inside it, and put the tray back in without even opening the front door which is the advantage of this smoker. What good thing about this smoker is that it cooks your food with steam and smoke to indulge all flavors in it without using the oil. Hence, the food prepared in master built smokers is healthy in the sense that it is cooked without oil.

What’s not Good?

One little drawback of this master built smoker is that the internal insulation may burn out if you cook your food at extremely high temperatures. Hence, the purpose of telling this drawback here is that you should be careful with the smoker. Though the smoker can go up to 265 degrees Fahrenheit you should be careful in adjusting the temperature.

Most meats do not require such a high temperature to be cooked. So, you can easily cook your foods at optimum temperatures without damaging the smoker. Furthermore, the masterbuilt mes 130b smoker does not come with a warranty. However, we assure you the company is quite reliable so, you can buy one without any concerns and start inviting family and friends to the parties.

Conclusion: Why choose masterbuilt mes 130b smoker?

So, we started our today’s article assuming that the readers who are reading our article are facing kitchen problems. They are bored of cooking on the gas stove and need something new. They are tired of having the same old flavors. They are frightened to invite family and friends at home for dinner or a picnic party somewhere outside because of the hassle of cooking food for so many people.

With these assumptions, we started our today’s article and brought for you the one complete solution to all your problems which is a masterbuilt mes 130b smoker which frees you from conventional cooking. Not only this, this electric and digital smoker cooks delicious and healthy food automatically. You just have to place the meat in it and set the temperature and time.

Apart from that, the smoker can cook enough food at a time to be served at a dinner or a party. Thus, with all these features, we recommend you to buy this smoker to clear away all the concerns. You can check the price and order it at your home.