Smokers and grills are best friends a meat lover can get. They allow them to savor their favorite meaty cuisines smoked and grilled as per their preference. Smoking and grilling are two separate cooking styles; hence, their units work independently of one another. There is a huge distinction in taste and accessibility when there are so many variations out in the market. For example, the electronic and gas smokers and grills are easy to operate, however, they do not produce you with the true essence and natural flavors of the wood you use. On the other hand, charcoal smokers get messy and tiring when you have to tend and restock coal for long hours.

In a world with so many problems for our meat lovers, the Pit Boss 700fb is your solution to relish an amazing wood-fired flavor in your meals. Being a pellet grill and smoker, it is the most versatile option out there allowing you to smoke, grill, bake, barbeque, braise, and roast your meat within the same unit. Be it hot and fast, or low and slow. You can smoke a rack of ribs, roast whole chickens, bake some pie or grill juicy steaks. It ties all the loose ends for you.

PIT BOSS 700FB Review

Pit Boss offers from portable grills to massive grills in the market. It is renowned for its quality products and has the fastest-growing segment within the market. It has two key principles that it lives up to, being better than its competitors at a better value, and constantly pursuing to improve and satisfy the needs of its customers. Their innovations give a new outlook to outdoor cooking, backyard barbecues, and family weeknights.Read In-Depth pit boss 700fb review below before buying it

Pit Boss 700fb Review

The Pit Boss 700FB pellet grill and smoker features a digitally controlled burn system with ample cooking space. It is designed to satisfy the grilling enthusiasts and at the same time, it is easy to handle by beginners. It is made to create a safe environment with its multiple safety features that make it a great choice for families with nosy kids.Want to enjoy on boat ? check the list of Best pontoon Boat Grills

It has a very facile operation method, just fill the hopper with your favorite pieces of wood, set your desired temperature, switch it on, and sit back and enjoy your cup of coffee. You need not be an expert when it comes to grill or smoke on this pellet grill. It is made to understand your needs and take away the burden of constant tendering the wood while you grill.

The inside temperatures go up to 500°F, not only it is good for grilling and smoking, you can bake pizzas and pies in it too. When smoking at high temperatures, the burning wood is sure to need some air to breathe. It is notched up with a fan-assisted convector that ensures that all your meats get the same amount of heat. Likewise, it is stacked up with multiple exclusive features, which surely makes this masterpiece stand out next to its competitors.


ModelPit Boss 770Fb
Dimensions 41.29 x 43.77 x 26.65 inches
Weight 134.48 pounds
Fuel Wood pellet
Cooking Space 700 square inches
Power Rating 40,000 BTUs
Temperature 180° F to 500° F
Warranty 1 year limited

Design and Structure

This Pit Boss pellet grill is sure to live up to your expectations when it comes to strength and durability. It is constructed from heavy gauged reinforced steel, this grill is set to last for long. The heavy-duty materials used in for the construction are chosen primarily to take up the stress of heating for long hours, even if it grills at temperatures above 500° F, it won’t wear out for a long time. To give you a fun-filled smoking experience it comes with a hooded cover, with an insulated steel handle that you can hold even when your grill is flaming hot from the inside.

pit boss 700fb design

The Pit Boss 700FB has a total weight of 135 pounds, with all the competing pellet grills out in the market, Pit Boss has introduced the most accessible and portable pellet grill out there. Despite its weight, you can easily move it around with the pair of wheels it has on its front legs. It has a firm steel hand, so you can move and steer this pellet grill like a stroller, however, it is a hustle when it comes to turning since the wheels lack the option of swiveling.

Grilling Chamber

The Pit Boss 700FB offers a massive cooking space of 700 square inches, you can load it up with cow ribs, pork butts, and whole turkeys. This pellet grill is one of the most spacious grills out in the market. It sports two grilling racks to multitask more meaty options. The racks are adjustable so you can customize it according to your available options.

The flame broiler lets you sear your meat right off the bone. The inside temperature can be varied using a regulator outside between the 170° F to 500° F. You can manage from slow-paced smoking seafood to baking pizzas at high temperatures thanks to the digital temperature control. The convection fan efficiently spread the heat throughout the chamber, gives you consistent and uniform heating throughout. It has an integrated thermometer on the top of the lid that lets you monitor the inside temperature with high precision. The thermometer is highly efficient and quick to accurately update you on the changes in temperature.Want 2 in 1 combo ? read smoker grill combos reviews

pit boss 700fb

The Pit Boss has made everything in this unit to last for long. The grilling grates are made of cast-iron that provides an even distribution of heat throughout the meal that you are cooking. The grates are porcelain-coated to ensure that rust never accumulates on its surface ever and puts a check on the durability of its interior and exterior.

Pellet Hopper and Fuel

The main source of fuel for the Pit Boss 700FB are wood pellets, it gives your meat that wood-fiery flavor. The hopper is designed to take up 20 pounds of pellets in-store; it is enough to smoke easily for 7 hours if you are burning at high temperatures. Once you are done cooking, you can easily extract the pellets out thanks to the drop chute. The hopper of Pit Boss’s grills is universally designed to accept all sorts of pellets to provide flexibility to the users. The whole unit has a total horsepower of 40,000 BTUs, at this power you can easily grill large pieces of meat items and have consistency in smoking.

Assembly, Usage, and maintenance 

The assembly of this grill is really easy even you aren’t good with mechanics. It comes with a detailed and interactive manual that helps you to assemble it in an hour. Mainly you have to put together are the legs with the body, the lid, and the handles. Simple screwing and adjustments and you are good to smoke. The whole process hardly takes 30 minutes.

The usage is fairly simple; you load the pellet hopper with the wood pellets. You set the temperature and switch it on. It also sports a built-in timer that works according to your schedule. You just have to set the timer and task yourself with other chores without you having to look after it. The Pit Boss 700FB is surely smart.

Maintenance sure becomes a problem when you have it running at high temperatures to serve you with meat that falls right off the bone. Maintaining Pit Boss grills is relatively easy with the options it has to offer. First off is the dripping cup. The dripping cup takes care of all the oily and greasy content your grill has to dissipate while cooking. You can easily remove, clean, and place it back to its respective place. It surely is efficient and big enough to handle the drippings from the fattiest meat, saving your patio from getting stained.

The grilling grates can be roughly scrapped without you having the fear of wearing it out. The porcelain enamel is there to have your backs covered. The grates are detachable, they can be easily cleaned and stacked up. Lastly, the side plates of the flame broiler need your attention as well, make sure you clean right after you are done cooking your favorite meals. These options make maintenance look like a piece of cake after cooking.Want to get traditional taste in your BBQ ? get portable charcoal grill for you

Safety Features

To make the usage of Pit Boss 700FB safe for families and everyone around it, Pit Boss surely takes the lead in it. The pellet grill is fully equipped with an electric fire ignition that starts the fire inside the grill. No fear of gas leakages or burnt fingers as the smoker takes care of it for you.

One of the features Pit Boss is proud to announce in this grill is the automatic flare protection. It takes down the possibility of you accidentally burning yourself while sizzling sausages to the bare minimum. The digital control unit takes away the strenuous task of cooling your grill, it steams out all the smoke and heat automatically once you are done cooking.


The Pit Boss 700FB insures your investment for any malfunction or replacement as per their 1-year limited warranty. It takes care of all the defected mechanical components and the electrical components of the grill. The gaskets, temperature probes, grill cover, and paint are not secured by the Pit boss’s warranty.

Final Verdict about PIT BOSS 700FB

The Pit Boss 700FB is undoubtedly one of the best wood pellet smoker and grill out there. With its versatility of 8 in 1 cooking, it offers premium quality for all the competitive pellet smoker in the same price range. The safety features it has to offer are essential and should be mandatory for such grills and smokers to avoid any severe accidents when you are just out there to have a good time. It outputs a good amount of heat at 40,000 BTUs, this makes it stand out for consistent smoking at low and high temperatures and heating up fast even on winter nights. It has one of a kind flame broiler that sears your meat to crisp fast. The digital controls and temperature monitoring is fairly accurate. I would recommend a portable and efficient pellet smoker for all the meatatarians who love the natural smoking essence in their platter of juicy and tender meat.

  • Good Quality
  • Auto flare protection
  • Digital control panel
  • Flame broiler
  • Expensive
  • The noisy operation for some users