Today’s article will be focused on laying out an informative review of the Rec Tec 340 that is an impressive grill device. From the entire range that it is a part of, it is the tiniest and most compact option that you could find. In the coming paragraphs, we will be looking over all of the basic features, specifications, and potential areas where it lacks to provide in-depth analysis and review for our readers.

So, without further ado, let’s begin the Rec Tec 340 review!

Let’s go over some of the main construction and design features so you have a brief introduction to the device itself and what it is capable of:

Rec Tec 340 Review

The first thing that you should appreciate in this device will be its sturdy construction! It has been manufactured with a 304-grade stainless steel main body. This is the perfect material because you want the device to withstand an insane amount of heat and a lot of use. Even the handles are made of excellent quality metal and are a bull horn style for ease of use.

Rec Tec 340


All of the parts of the Rec Tec 304 grill that will be in direct contact with your food are made of high-quality stainless steel and the main benefit of this is that they will not rust or corrode and this makes them exceptionally easy to clean. You won’t spend hours scrubbing away at them and they also look quite stylish!

Continuing with its design, the product has been fashioned as a cart so that it is quite portable and easy to transport. This will make family picnics, BBQs, and even camping trips super fun and convenient. You will be able to cook and grill your delectable dishes no matter where you desire. The product is also fitted with 2 rollerblade-styled wheels for easy portability and in case you want to stop at a certain area, there are even locking casters in the wheels.

This ensures that even if you are on uneven ground, you will not have to worry about the grill sliding off. The capacity of the Rec Tec’shopper is also large enough to allow you to cook for the entire family! It can accommodate around 20 pounds at a time! For easy storage and placement in cars for transport, the Rec Tec 340 also is fitted with legs that can be folded.

This ensures that your product will be quite easy to manage. We also appreciate the inclusion of a couple of stainless steel grilling grates that offer a ton of advantages. They are easy to wash and are also long-lasting due to their stainless steel construction.

In terms of size, the Rec Tec 340 grill is perhaps one of the smallest picks you could make! It still offers plenty of grilling space as it can manage around 340 square inches of cooking space. If we look at this device’s BTUs, it can reach around 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is quite impressive for a pellet grill so this implies that even with a smaller size, you will be able to cook, grill, braise and broil any foot item you desire.

There is also a versatile lid on top. This will shut down tight so none of the wonderful smoky flavors of the lid escapes but it is also quite effective because it doubles as shelf space. You can place your cooked meat on it so that it doesn’t overcook. The extra space will be quite welcomed especially if you are cooking for more people since this grill is quite small.

How many pellets does it consume?

Of course, as we mentioned before, this device is entirely powered by pellets. Pellets offer a range of benefits that you would otherwise not get from wood chips. They burn for much longer so this means you will save up more money in comparison. Since they burn slower, they also create less ash so you will have less maintenance to tend to.

In a set calculation of temperature settings and weather conditions and as per the company’s standards, the Rec Tec 304 uses around 1 pound of pellets per hour. However, the company does put out the disclaimer that in case your pellets are not the best quality or you get weather that isn’t ideal, this might affect the effectiveness of the pellet grill.

What are some of the smart features it offers?

We love any device that comes fitted with smart features! And this one is no exception. The Rec Tec 304 pellet grill is enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity. This means that users can sit back and relax as the smart technology will ensure their meat and food is cooked to perfection. It will allow you to turn your smartphone into a remote to adjust the temperature settings without moving a muscle. You get to sit back away from the heat of your grill while it does your job for you!

Another benefit of the Wi-Fi technology is that this pellet grill by Rec Tec also has 2 meat probes that are completely integrated into its design. These will keep an eye on the meat and will also maintain the internal temperature of the grill. This is a great safety feature along with ensuring your food is cooked to perfection!

Let’s talk about its smart temperature adjustment feature!

There is another smart feature that we know all users will love! It is the smart temperature adjustment feature and this is in the form of a user-friendly control panel. You have complete freedom to set the temperature settings to increments of five degrees so that you get a controlled and steady increase. There is also a smoke feature that is set at a temperature of 200 degrees. With the aid of the easy to use control panel, you can even switch on the Cool Down mode and your pellet grill will cool off pretty quickly.

We also love that there is a safety shutdown mode in case the device gets too hot. This is an automatic feature and will be great for users who do not wish to stay too close by to the grill at all times. This feature of the Rec Tec 304 grill will also ensure that the product is kept safer and its utility life is extended. All of this is made possible with the aid of specialized PID technology.

The manufacturer recommends that you check a few important aspects to ensure maximum effectiveness of the smart temperature control features. The first is to always empty the ash compartment after each use because this might block necessary air circulation within the grill. Another one is to always keep the lid shut down tight when the meat is being cooked.

Does the Rec Tec 304 come with a warranty?

With any device that is going to be in contact with such extreme temperatures whenever it is in use, we recommend that you always invest in a product that has a decent warranty. The warranty should ideally cover all elements and aspects because these can be quite technical. If you have no warranty or a limited one, it might force you to incur some extra maintenance costs.

For the Rec Tec 340, it comes with a 2-year warranty which is pretty impressive for a product in its price range. In terms of some accessories, all users can also add a bit more money to get a bundle pack. This will get them 2 mesh grilling mats, a cover for their grill, and of course a complimentary pack of pellets.

How do you maintain the Rec Tec 304?

The best thing about this Rec Tecdevice is that it normally will not need a lot of regular maintenance. One of the reasons for this, as we discussed is that the device makes use of pellets and these will not produce a lot of buildups. However just to extend the longevity of your grill, the manufacturer suggests that users clean the buildup of ash at least once or twice a month. They also prefer that you soak and wash the grills after each use and pay special attention to the drip pan because that is where all of the grease and fat will accumulate.

In conclusion, we think our readers will now be able to make an informed decision regarding the Rec Tec 340 pellet grill. We have laid out a comprehensive discussion of the various features this grill brings to the table and now it is up to you to decide if this is the right fit for you! We suggest this product is best meant for all BBQ and grilling enthusiasts who are fond of cooking on the move! It is also great if your backyard doesn’t have a lot of space and you want a compact yet strong option.