Nowadays there are so many options that users might be inclined to choose from when looking for a good grill! This review is going to be based around a Rec Tech 590 pellet grill product so before we get into specifics let’s review what a pellet grill exactly is? Pellet grills are normal grills however, they are powered by small compressed wood cylinders and this sets them apart from wood chips in many ways.

For starters, they make less mess so ash buildup will not be a serious concern straight away. They are also compressed blocks so they will burn much slower than wood chips or even charcoal grills. They are known for the incredible smoky wood flavor that they add to your grilling experience! You can add the pellets to the hopper that will contain them till they are ready to be burned as fuel. Most new models of pellet grills, much like the one we will be discussing today is fitted with an electronic panel for controls and functions. This will allow the user to easily set and adjust the temperature in an automatic way so that you can relax after you have set the temperature beforehand.

Rec Tec 590

So, without further ado, let’s start with our review of the Rec Tec stampede:

The coming paragraphs will be focused on a complete Rec Tec 590 review for our readers so they can gain more insight into this grill. Before we begin, we recommend that this grill be used by those users who are grilling and BBQ enthusiasts because this offering by Rec Tec is certainly not cheap! However, it is great for larger amounts of cooking because it has quite the impressive capacity to grill your favorite burgers, steaks, and much more!

One thing to remember about purchasing pellet grills is that they are slightly pricier than other chip or charcoal alternatives. However, we recommend this grill for the seasoned grill expert who wants to branch out and enhance their skills with a product that allows for more versatility and control all wrapped up in one. In many ways, the higher price is justified but we will touch upon that subject a little later.

Now, let’s go over the main considerations you should make when looking at the Rec Tec 590 :

The price

Right of the vat, you will notice that the Rec Tec Stampede does not exactly come cheap! This means that you might not want to invest in it if you are on a tighter budget. Although it comes with an assortment of accessories including a good supply of pellets, 2 grill mats, and a cover for your grill that can be customized, we do think that the cost is slightly higher than it should be for a product of its functionality and size.

The capacity and size

As we said, we believe the sheer size that it grants is one of the reasons why the higher price might be a good reason to invest in this pellet grill. The Rec Tec Stampede is a product that offers an impressive 772 total square inches of grilling space. It is perfect if you tend to routinely be the host for the annual family or friend BBQ party. Due to its larger size, it is slightly harder to cart around, however. You can also cut down on the cooking area and use just the 592 square inches that it offers.

The materials and construction

With the Rec Tec stampede, you can be sure that you are investing in a lifelong purchase! Their products are made to last you a long time. The entire body of this pellet grill has been made with stainless steel and this is what grants them the perfect durability and sturdiness to withstand just about anything. The product is specifically made with stainless steel that is of 304-grade material and you can be sure that this is professional quality.

In terms of construction, you will notice that the Rec Tec is fitted with a premium quality porcelain-enameled lid and this is the perfect material to withstand insane amounts of heat. This makes it a perfect surface to place your cooked food for storage or to cool down. This ensures your prepared food will not overcook and you will have the convenience of shelf space. Next, the Rec Tec also has an octagon-shaped cooking barrel that allows you to add way more food to cook at once. The handles on this Rec Tec grill are shaped like horns for easy access and use.

Cooking grills

This Rec Tec grill comes fitted with grilling grates constructed of high-quality 304-grade stainless steel. The manufacturer recommends that the user wash the grates once before use and there is no need to worry since they won’t get damaged with washing. Their main purpose is to allow the meat to cook to perfection for as long as is required and they also conduct enough heat to create excellent searing marks on the meat.

However, the main reason why we love these grills is that they are not only easy to wash up after use, they are also quite easy to maintain. The stainless steel build ensures that they will not corrode or rust any time soon. You will get the perfect looking grates after each use even with exposure to water, grease, and extreme amounts of heat.

The hopper

The hopper is the main area of the grill where the pellet grills or other fuel source is stored and burned by the burner to create a power source that will grill and cook your food. On the Rec Tec Stampede, the hopper can hold approximately 30 pounds of pellets at one time. Since it burns a single pound of pellets per hour, this grill offers a phenomenal 30 hours of grilling and cooking in one go till you have to add in more. Even if you smoke your meats for a day, you will still not have to worry about reloading the hopper soon.

Temperature Control adjustment and features

One of the most impressive things about the rec Tec grill is that it comes equipped with smart features to make your grilling experience smoother. This is made evident with the addition of its smart control panel that has also been designed to be easy to use. It is completely compatible with Wi-Fi networks so you can turn your smartphone device into a remote control and adjust the cooking temperature as you lay back! No longer will you have to slave away next to a hot grill and yet will still be able to ensure your meat is cooked to perfection.

In terms of being user-friendly, the Rec Tec Stampede allows you to grill in a temperature range from 200 to 500 degrees. This is quite an impressive range and will ensure you can cook, broil, braise, smoke, and grill to your heart’s content. The temperature can be adjusted with 5-degree changes to maintain control and caution. Perhaps the best part about this feature is that it allows you to control your Rec Tec grill from just about any location. This is all thanks to their patented PID controller that is great for maintenance of the temperature.

Does it offer a warranty?

One aspect that we wish had more improvement in is the Rec Tecs warranty. As per their policy, the Rec Tec brand offers a 4-year warranty that is pretty useful. Except for the fact that it is limited. This means that it will not cover all aspects of your purchase even within the 4 years. It does not apply to paint chipping or corrosion of components of the lid.

While the lid itself is resistant to corrosion, a more inclusive warranty would be preferred. However, for any manufacturing defects or issues with the workmanship, the Rec Tec 590 does cover you quite well. The customer service is also excellent because it will ensure your problems are addressed promptly and effectively.

In conclusion, this has been a detailed review of the Rec Tec stampede and we hope that you now are equipped with the right kind of information with our unbiased and comprehensive informational article. To summarize, this product places great importance on both excellent sizes to cater to larger families and on a good enough price range that will attract more consumers.

This means that you will be able to whip up tons of burgers, steaks, and whole meals with the aid of the Rec Tec 590 with absolutely no issue whatsoever. The only real concern we have with this product is that its size does mean if you have limited space in your backyard or live in an apartment with a smaller balcony, this might not be the device for you. In other aspects, however, the Rec Tec pellet grill outshines its competition.