Grilled food, the most classical food we all love. The mouthwatering tasted food gets dry heated on the grill melts in the mouth, makes us go through the complete ride of satisfaction. But the key problem is, to create the magical taste, you’ll need the stable grill that has all the incredible and required characteristics. This problem has a perfect solution: the Traeger Ironwood 885.

Traeger Ironwood 885 stands proudly, meeting all the expectations of grilled food lovers. It has an enormous amount of features to create the brown crisp in your food. Besides, it’ll take less space than a common grill in your backyard because of its foldable design and bring magic to your family gatherings.

Traeger Ironwood 885

Even so, if you are not completely sure, then after reading its features you must be heading to the website to get this ironwood grill in your small backyard. Because it’s not the usual or common grill, it is the smartest grill bringing the traditional taste in the food with a modern approach. Let’s discuss the Treager Ironwood 885 review in details for making a better decision.

Traeger ironwood 885 Features

Significant Features

One thing must have risen in your mind: what significant things make this specific ironwood special? Here is the complete description of its competitive features to let you see the bigger picture and decide to better.

Advanced Grilling

Traeger Ironwood 885 is the new trendsetter in the market, bringing an innovative approach to grilling. It has advanced Wi-Fi technology. To give you complete control of the grilling process doesn’t matter if you’re in the room away from the backyard.

You can monitor the temperature and change it suitably through your smartphone, schedule the bbq, set the timer on the phone app. A built-in pallet sensor is placed in this grill to keep you always informed whenever pallets run low.  It makes the grilling experience more exciting and simple with its advanced features.

Grilling Performance

You’ll be amazed to know that Traeger Ironwood has all-natural wood pallets to bring the original taste of wood-fired food. It even creates a smokey taste in your food, so you won’t feel the need to use a gas and charcoal grill.

Imagine getting the same taste, but with an easier grilling system. Incredible, right? The ironwood grill constructs the same even more taste, but its reliable grilling system makes things easier for you.

Compatible With Alexa

To create an easier grilling opportunity, this well-organized grill is integrated with Alexa. Now you can command to set the timer through Alexa, and it will let you know when the timer ends. So don’t worry, your food won’t be burnt out and wasted.

You can have much more fun with Alexa and the outstanding featured ironwood grill. Run the recipes, schedule the grilling and also create the alerts with just your voice only.

Sufficient Space

The grill’s cooking range has 885 square inches, capable of grilling the ten chickens at once. If you usually hold big bbq parties, this grill will be ideal for you. It can cook the food for 10 people at the same time with a mouthwatering smokey taste.

It has more than enough cooking space to grill, but do you know it needs just a brief space in your storeroom or garage once you have done with the grilling? Just fold the grill and with the help of its wheels, carry it easily to your storeroom or garage for storage.

D2 Controller

They integrate d2 controlled drivetrain with the Traeger Ironwood 885, which allows you to handle the heating system accurately with its 1 meat probe. The D2 controller manages the fan speed automatically to cook balanced smoke-filled food.

The smart technology knows when the food requires the full fan speed and at what exact time it needs slow speed for perfect brown crispness. Through its WiFire, know the internal condition of the temperature of food without removing the lid.

Super Smoke

The unique and incredible feature of this grill is its smart management to create the super smoky flavor in grilled food. Its D2 controller includes the Super Smoke Mode, by switching to this smoky mode the intelligent technology takes the heat to 175-degrees and the fan-cut creates amazing smoke.

After a few hours, you can default the temperature to construct the significantly thick smoky taste in your roast and bbq.

Simple To Use

Its simple control system is worth the all money you spent on this grilling system. Set the temperature of the grill and then monitor the process while chilling on the sofa through your smartphone.

In case you want to change the grilling process or create the alert of a particular time, you can easily do it on the mobile app with mere touches on the screen or just command Alexa to do it and set a reminder. The days are gone when people have to sit across the garden for all day to take care of grilling food.

Easy To Clean

Simple to use, yet easy to clean. The Traeger has taken certain steps to make your grilling time uncomplicated. For that reason, its cleaning process is entirely hassle-free. After you finish with the cooking, just clean the grill grates with some soap and water. That’s the maximum cleaning you need to do with the Traeger Ironwood 885.

If you’re concerned about its smoking cleaning, you’ll be pleased to know that it has a separate bucket for piles of smoking. So no need to clean it up, just throw it out. Finish the cleaning and spend the rest of your time playing and chit-chatting with your loved ones.


To be honest, we all know the struggles to carry the heavy grill system back to the corner of the backyard or storeroom. From now on there will be no such struggle because Traeger Ironwood 885 is less heavy than the normal grill.

The likable thing about this grill is it has 4 bottom wheels, the wheels are not only big but they have a small lock system. So you can just roll out the grill and easily take it back to the corner and lock the wheels for safe storage.

TRU Convection

The TRU Convection crafted this grilling system with impressive speed fans to produce the whirlpool of smoke in the grill. That smoke spun around the barrel to create the magical flavored foods. The exhaust vent at its bottom keeps the hot air away from the top.

Also, it has a double size steel wall that reduces the need for fuel by increasing the efficiency of the grill. It maintains the high temperature in short fuels and constantly gives you a reason to be thankful to the renowned Traeger Ironwood 885.


After you have gone through the long list of the amazing features of the ironwood grill. Let’s give you some other reasons to consider giving this product a buy.

  • 6-in-1 Cooking Versatility
  • Double Side-Wall Padding
  • Home Manageable Grilling Process
  • Digital Meat Probe For Perfect Grilling
  • Consistent Temperature
  • WiFire Directed
  • Smart Fan Speed
  • Easy To Install
  • Impressive Longevity
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Helpful Customer Services
  • You Have To Buy The Cover And Front Shelf
  • No Refund Policy

Final Verdict

This ironwood grill is a great replacement for gas and charcoal grills. The natural wood taste sprinkled with smoky flavor is now easily accessible because of this specific grill. Why bother to spend a good amount of money on restaurant food when you can easily make the restaurant like dishes in your garden with the help of the efficient grill system?

Next time surprise your family with the tasty dishes grilled on the Traeger’s grill and they’ll surely be impressed with your amazing grill expertise. Well, it’s another thing that you’ll cook these dishes watching TV with the help of your smartphone monitoring the entire grilling process. And the intelligent grill would do all the things. But who is going to tell them your secret? No one. You must have imagined the surprised faces of your family. Haven’t you?

If you face some difficulties regarding the grill system then you can just contact the Traeger customer service and let them help you and clear your concerns. Their priority is the customer’s satisfaction so they’ll guide you as much as possible in assembling processes and in other problems as well. The beneficial manual book will be available in the package to help you in understanding the startup.

If your doubts and concerns are no longer in your mind, then the best advice you can ever get is to go to the website and order this amazing Traeger, to be the shining start of your home bbq parties. The guest will ask for your secret recipe of smoky flavored food, but it’s your choice that you want to tell them your secret or not. Hoping for your good feedback and kind wishes for your grilling experience.