While hosting a barbeque party, the foremost thing for you is to have a brilliant grill that provides a hefty cooking surface and, most importantly, tasty food. Finding such a grill can be an overwhelming but daunting process, especially when you lack experience in this regard. It is no surprise that the majority of the people don’t have enough knowledge about the specs that a grill features.

The old fashioned grills have now become hard to use as they consume a lot of time. Grilling must be made more enjoyable and fun instead of considering it a hectic task. With those ol’ fashion grills, you would definitely not have the best time grilling because all you would do throughout the party is attend the grill and cook loads of food instead of enjoying with your friends and family. To remove all these troubles from your life and make you enjoy your party more than spending all of your time with the grill, we have this excellent grill, i.e., the Traeger Texas Elite 34 grill.

Traeger Texas Elite 34

Traeger grills are best known for their premium quality since the company uses high-end materials for its construction. Moreover, the Traeger Texas Elite grills are one of the most famous pellet grills out there. It is packed with incredible specifications that one desperately looks for in a grill. The company has manufactured several models of pellet grills, but today to help you find the best cooking grill, we have reviewed the Traeger Texas Elite 34 that cooks the food to perfection.

Traeger Texas Elite 34 Pellet Grill Review

To get more information of what the specifications this Traeger Texas Elite grill features, continue reading further. So that by the end of this review article, you can decide for yourself if this product should be your way to go or not. Let’s discuss the Traeger Texas Elite 34 review in details for making the informed decision.


The first thing we will highlight in our Traeger Texas Elite 34 review is the materials used in the construction of this grill. Since you would definitely want to invest your money into something that doesn’t require frequent maintenance and have a longer lifetime, for that purpose, the company has manufactured Traeger Texas Elite 34 grill with steel, which is incredibly durable. Also, the cooking grates are coated with porcelain, which makes the grill easy to clean. Furthermore, two extremely heavy-duty wheels having two locking casters are added to the grill as well.

Ample Cooking Surface

A sufficient cooking space contributes to a quicker output. If you have a huge family or like to host a party with a large group of friends, a maximum heating surface must be a priority for you. The Traeger Texas Elite grill has a generous cooking area, i.e., 34 x 9 inches that accounts for 646 sq. in. of the cooking surface that can hold up to 24 burgers, 32 hot dogs, nine racks of ribs, and six chicken all at once.

6-in-1 Cooking Options

Besides a hefty cooking surface, this exceptional Traeger Texas Elite 34 grill is tremendously versatile and offers six cooking options within a single grill. Having a grill that does not provide a multitude of cooking options won’t be as convenient as this Texas Elite 34 grill is. You will be able to not just grill but barbeque as well with this amazing smoker. Moreover, it can also be used for baking and braising. Not to forget this grill has wooden pellets that are ideal for roasting and smoking too.

Temperature Stability 

If you are looking for a grill that has enhanced temperature stability for the year-round grilling, the Traeger Texas Elite 34 grill should be your way to go. This grill is excellent in terms of temperature stability since the temperature fluctuations during the winter season are about +/-15° Fahrenheit. Also, the wood pellets in the grill effectively diminish the risk of accidental flare-ups, especially during the summer barbeque parties. Imagine those cozy winter nights with scrumptious food or a summertime rainy weather with backyard barbeque with your family and friends; all will be made easier for you with the amazing Traeger Texas Elite grill.

Wood Pellet Cooking

Even though everyone has their own preferences for barbequing, for example, someone would like gas as fuel whereas some would prefer charcoal-grilling but, if you are someone whose personal pick would be wooden pellets grilling, this Traeger Texas Elite 34 grill is all you need. Additional benefits of these wood pellets are that they have reduced the risk for cancer and are less messy with lesser ash than other grilling options.

Convention Cooking

One feature that has a great possibility of attracting potential buyers is the grill’s ability for convention cooking alongside the conductive grilling. Typically, you need to flip the food on the grills that don’t offer conventional cooking to get it cooked evenly from all sides. However, with this feature, you won’t have to keep flipping your pizzas, pies, veggies, and garlic bread for an even distribution of heat. This would be of great help as flipping your food can affect or even ruin its composition.

Wide Pellet Hopper Capacity

Since the pellet hoppers are extremely useful in storing the fuel that you use in your grill, it is crucial to have a wide pellet hopper capacity. Luckily, the Traeger Texas Elite grill has an extraordinary wood pellet hopper capacity that prevents you from continuously refills the hopper during long cooks. The spacious hopper can sustain up to 12lbs to 19lbs of wood pellets that gives an extended amount of time to this elite grill. It also comes with a smoker that weighs up to 150lbs with a dimension of 22 x 54 x 49 inches. With a decent pellet smoker to use in smoking and recipes that consume a lot of time, the Trager Texas Elite grill is an excellent choice.

Digital Controller for easy use 

With the advancement in technology, the Traeger Texas Elite 34 grill has evolved with user-friendly digital displays. The bright display, along with large knobs, proves to be extra efficient. The elite controller makes it convenient to read in the bright sunshine as well as in the pitch-black night. The grill can spontaneously maintain the overall temperature of the grill so forget about standing in front of it all day and enjoy your party while the food cooks on its own.

Grease Management System

If you’re worried that the frequent use of your grill would make it greasy and rusty, which will be stubborn enough to clean, this feature is definitely a life-saver for you. The Traeger Texas Elite includes the E-Z drain grease management system to make cleaning as easy as possible. Via this feature, the greasy and grimy liquids are drained in the bucket that is separately attached to the side of your elite grill. Once the bucket is full of excess waste liquids, all you have to do is detach and properly dispose of its waste materials; hence the cleaning could not get much simpler than that.

Auto on-off System

Not a grilling expert? Scared of ruining your food or burning yourself while turning on the grill? The automatic turn and shut down cycle system is there to rescue. Now, starting the grill and shutting it down is as easy as pressing a button. By doing so, you can conveniently ignite your Traeger Texas Elite 34 grill to start the cooking. This feature has a separate fan base from those who lack experience in operating the grills. Furthermore, when you switch the grill off, it will initiate a safety shut down cycle that is 5-minutes long to burn all the leftover pellets. With this feature of the grill, you will be able to experience a more consistent startup every time you start your grill.


Investing in something that costs you a couple of thousand dollars must require an authorized warranty. One would surely not want to pay good money for a grill that comes without a warranty and buy a new one if something happens to it. Therefore, you must be very careful while purchasing a grill for yourself since investing in low quality or one without a warranty can become miserable for you in the future. However, with the Traeger Texas Elite 34 grill, you will have peace of mind since it is backed up with a solid warranty of 3 impressive years.


Now that you have gone through the Traeger Texas Elite 34 grill’s detailed review, we hope that this has helped you in figuring out whether this grill should be your go-to equipment or not. It is very important to do good research beforehand, so you don’t have to encounter troubles in your grill and regret your decision in the future. To wrap up the things, all we would say is that The Traeger Texas Elite 34 grill is supreme quality, robust and reliable grill equipment choice.