If you opt for the fundamental caveman elements in your bbq session, the only thing that comes to your mind is the beef ribs. No doubt you will find them packed with all kinds of flavor and are unctuous. Beef ribs are known to be the crowd-pleaser.

Smoked beef ribs will offer you a great amount of fat, bone marrow, and meat. You will find a lot of variations of different types of beef ribs. It becomes a little tricky to recognize these types. Especially when you are a newcomer in creating delicious barbecues, the variation can leave you baffled. Ribs from one supplier can look completely different from the following supplier, despite the same cut.

You will find very few sellers who would sell an entire rack of beef ribs. They tend to break down every rib into shorter ribs and subcategories them. Please don’t get confused because they are known as short ribs due to their length. However they originate from cows’ short plates.

From Chuck to the plate, this guide has all that you should know about beef ribs. Check it out.

Chuck Short Ribs

The Chuck short ribs are also known as the Flanken ribs. The first to fifth ribs are generally the Chuck short ribs. You will find them easily in every supermarket or any nearby butcher.

The block of meat of this bone generally stays towards the end of the bone. This release contains a fair amount of rich and complex fat. The best way to cook this rib is to grill it. At the same time, some of them can opt for stir-fried after marinating and braising them.

But keep in mind not to smoke them as the meat content is less in the Chuck short ribs.

Chuck short ribs are famous in Korean cooking.

Plate Short Ribs

They are known as the father of beef ribs because of their meaty big and exquisitely tender meat; they are the love of every barbecue Mafia. The meat content of the plate short ribs is way more than the chuck ribs.

Plate short ribs consist of only three ribs weighing a pound apiece. They had cut from the animal’s rib cage area.

Short ribs’ fat content makes it famous and rich in flavor. Once cooked, even one bite of it can give you the idea of tenderness with the short plate ribs. To cook, you have to be patient and give it some hours. The fat will bit by bit break down, keeping the moisture of the meat intact.

The only difficulty you will find is they are less accessible. A handful of supermarkets and regular stores will keep them. But your regular butcher shops might have some in their stacks.

English Cut Ribs

This cut is one of the most common of all the cuts of beef ribs. You can buy them as a little rack of four bones. You can often find a fat layer on top of the English cut ribs. One more thing that you will find in this card is the membrane you can take away before food preparation.

Types of Beef Ribs


Triplets are often considered the small individual pieces of meat you will get from a single rib. They usually tend to be some inches longer than any other beef ribs. But despite the cut size, these small and mini portions of triplets provide excellent meat when simmered.

Back Ribs

These ribs are found towards the spine of the animal. It is one of the expensive beef cuts. The meat content of this rib is Les, but you can find good meat if you are lucky. Since this is less meaty, you can allow it to go for a sweet barbecue. Indirect grilling or even braising them can give you a sumptuous meal.

The bone of the back ribs tends to be a little curved and comes in 8 inches. Most back ribs’ meat is utilized for prime rib or rib when the butcher cuts the meat. Therefore don’t desire too much meat when you are opting for the back ribs.

As you can get the rich marrow off the bone, adding them to stews can put many flavors when cooking them. No doubt whatever made the technique of cooking b you are sure to get quality meat.

A piece of expert advice for you guys: the back ribs are excellent for braising due to their rich marrow content.

Difference between Beef and Pork Ribs

It would be best for you in this case if you kept in mind that when you talk about the park and the beast, you are talking about two different animals, one is a Steer, and the other is a hog. You must be thinking about the characteristics that make these two different from each other.

Talking about the size first, it is not unbelievable to say that beef ribs tend to be bigger than pork ribs. You can thank the animal. The significant difference lies in your cooking technique. The type of source and rubs you are going to use for beef will differ from the types of rub you prefer for pork.

You can serve the beef ribs simply where the pork ribs go best with sweet sauce or rubs. Bus talking about the different kinds of beef ribs, you can serve them or even prefer them in different kinds of sauce.

How to pick the Beef Ribs

Buying the best beef ribs is similar to that buying pork ribs. You can purchase them in large racks. But if you desire to purchase them in individual portions, you can go for flanken cuts, English cuts, or the Kalbi cuts.

The two best accessible ribs are the chuck short ribs and the back ribs. Whatever may your place of a dwelling be, you can avail this to kind of ribs without any fuss.

Talking about the plate short ribs, you can only find them with commercial meatpackers and some specialty butcher shops.

One must bear in mind that the different types of ribs come with different ratings. The intramuscular fat present determines these ratings on the red meat and the level of marbling.

In some countries like the USA, they determined the ratings by prime choice and selection rate. In comparison, prime indicates the highest rated beef ribs and selects being the lowest-rated beef ribs. Canada also measures the quality and price with a gradation from A to AAA.

Technique to cook beef ribs

All six types of beef ribs have the same procedure of cooking. With slow and indirect low heat, you can prepare the beef ribs. But in terms of the time taken for cooking, the back ribs take a shorter period, whereas the short plate ribs have a longer cook time.

The beef ribs require no removal of the membrane, unlike the pork ribs. Well, that means is it going to get hard after cooking? Yes, you have assumed this rightly that after cooking, the membrane is going to be stiffer. But trust me, you need this to hold the layers together in the beef ribs. If you tend to pull out the membrane, the meat will easily fall off the bone once it gets cooked.

Beef ribs require simple marination of pepper and salt, also known as the Dalmatian rub. You can apply one part of salt to 2 to 3 parts of pepper, depending on the kind of hotness you want to provide to your platter. One can also go for the 50-50 ratio, but sometimes it becomes too salty.

Lastly, you can add A pinch of garlic powder to enhance the beef ribs’ overall taste. A sweet bbq sauce can also enhance the juiciness of the flavorful beef ribs.

As the beef comes in a smaller size, you can use the griller to grill them. If you add a bit of wood smoke, you will get a smoky flavor, but that is optional.

Best Ribs for Bar-B-Que

If you opt for the best ribs for your bbq sessions, you can go for the short plate ribs. But this comes with a sting in the tail as it has been mentioned earlier that the short plate ribs are not easy to find. You will have to search for them from the humble home pitmaster. Understanding that they are the best in the barbecue world, you have to take in the fact that they will not come in handy.

Perhaps with some knowledge and understanding of where to look for the best alternative, you will be great. The short plate ribs are considered to be the best ribs for a barbecue because one can find plenty of meat on its bone. And also they come in good size.

Chick ribs, however, are not as big as the short plate ribs. But in comparison to the back ribs, they are meatier than the latter. If you face any constraint to find the short plate ribs, then a quality chuck short ribs can be a worthy replacement in that case.

Now, talking about the best, the short plate ribs contain a nice amount of connective tissues and fats, making the meat much juicier and tasty. However, the connective tissues, when cooked, deliver delicious flavors which can awaken anyone’s taste bud.

So with the accessible factor, you can opt for Chuck’s ribs as the content of fat is appropriate. But be aware while you buy them from any meat sellers as cleverly hide the fact behind a couple of meaty and good ribs.

Wrapping it up!

After reading, you should be able to order your beef ribs with confidence. Just remember that you can never go wrong with beef short ribs when you opt for grilling or smoking.

Beef ribs usually take around 8 hours to cook if you attempt to smoke them at 225 degrees Fahrenheit or 107 degrees Celsius. But always be careful about the amount of meat that the bone carries and the size you opt for. You can still opt for a good meat thermometer to get an accurate reading of temperature before serving them to your guest. You will find it primordial while opting for the large beef short ribs.