When you hear the name Weber, it certainly fills you with confidence. Weber is a company which the famous Weber-Stephen products LLC owns. It is a private manufacturing company. Also, this manufacturing company is the owner of Ducane products. One of the trusted names in designing and grilling from full-featured propane for natural cooking gas stations is two simple charcoal kettle grills.

Many consumers and customers assume that Weber grills are manufactured in the USA as an American-based company. But like most, the American business Weber outsources most of its manufacturing units and assemblies to other offshore producers. However, you can never complain about the quality of the brand. The quality of weber is still the hallmark of the brand. Even before you intend to purchase the Weber grills or already have one, you must know where Weber grills are made.

In short, the answer is that the Weber grills are manufactured in China, but they are designed in the USA. One can be ascertained of their functions and have the confidence to use this product without any malfunctions.

History of Weber Grills

Weber grills trace its innovative history to the suburbs of Chicago. George Steven invented this incredible grilling machine back in the year 1952. He happens to be the former person to put forward the Kettle style grill to its consumers.

The innovative design of the grill made it easier to use and highly efficient. The family successfully ran the business and its operation for decades until one day, and they decided to sell off their controlling stakes. The reason is simply the competition which the Weber Company faced now. The Weber Company was losing the international market due to steep competition. The company sold off its stakes to BDT. Today the world knows this kettle-style grill like a Weber kettle. The Weber Company has continued to fulfill their customers ‘ perfect grilling with their innovative gas grills, charcoal grills, and even the efficient electric grill over the years. In today’s era, there is none whose house does not contain a Weber Product. Most households use portable weber products at the local park campsite or any barbecue party where they love to cook.

With such humble beginnings, the Weber Company is now one of the largest manufacturers in the world. It has its hub in Illinois and continues to engineer and design all kinds of drilling equipment.

You can find the American heritage and research and development behind each model. Though now the Weber company serves the global market, it still carries the same quality and innovation which the brand has been known for when it started.

The aforementioned is reflected in the outstanding warranty support that the company provides. For instance, the charcoal grills come under ten years for the lid and the bowl. At the same time, the spirit grills are protected by a vast ten years warranty.

“Made in USA” Lawsuit

Most of the consumers look for Weber products that are manufactured in the USA. But certain production houses serve domestically made products to boost their sales.

In 2011 the Weber company faced a lawsuit after the customers discovered that the grills sold come under the label of made in the USA. In contrast, the components and the parts of this have been manufactured in Taiwan or China. It has left some of the customers with the feel of deceit.

But the company has defended itself by claiming that the labeling was not at all deceptive marketing. Instead, they supported their claims by saying that most of the Weber parts are manufactured primarily in the USA.

In 2012, Weber settled this dispute by saying that the grilling products are made in the USA and incorporated global sourcing of their components.

The US-made Weber grills

As of the year 2020, Weber company outsources most office products and components. Except for the Weber smoke fire, which is still an exception. It is the only product that is manufactured in the US to date.

There is an array of reasons why Weber grills are not manufactured in the USA. The issue of outsourcing the manufacturing of web products has been highly contested since the dawn of globalization. As per the real 2011, more than 98% of its workforce was located in the USA. According to most grilling enthusiasts or grill reviews, it was stated as one of the popular grills of that time.

Weber Grills

Thus, why does Weber follow such a weird method of manufacturing their product abroad while assembling them at home?

The issue with the outsourcing

Weber has chosen to outsource their goods for manufacturing purposes for some of these third-world countries due to taxation issues. Large conglomerates tend to pay lower taxes abroad other than in the USA. It lets companies like Weber pay lower taxes.

Outsourcing allows the acquisition of labor at minimum cost. With this, the manufacturing cost of this overseas country is somewhat low. With the relaxed costing and taxation system Weber can save a lot of money.

Apart from that, outsourcing allows the home-built company to focus on its goal. Weber has more straightforward goal developmental plans with this ideology as they don’t have to look for any manufacturing issues. They can hire other outside companies to do the heavy lifting on behalf of them.

All these factors can come together and provide the company to build customer retainability with affordable products by increasing the sales and cost of the product enabling their higher profit margin.

Some problems with other manufacturing company

Though outsourcing has its benefits, it comes with mini e issues. The first issue being the quality issue. Due to a deficiency of quality control and lower standards during the manufacturing process, customers often suffer. But the Weber company claims that the quality of the grilling product is not affected by all this.

Outsourcing companies do not think about environmental issues. They often rely on shipping their goods to and fro using primary transportation methods for freighters. It can be daunting on the environment.

Weber Models that are made and assembled out of the USA

The spirit series and the genesis two series are made and assembled in Taiwan and China. Weber’s company holds its root in America. The engineers and rigorously designs all their products in their home country. All the products, including the electric grills, are subjected to torture testing. This process helps to stimulate by increasing their warranty and use.

No matter where the products are manufactured, Weber can confidently provide the customer with all kinds of customer satisfaction after using their product.

American-made Weber Products.

No one can find a full Weber product that has been manufactured in the USA. But the company still stands true to its production when it comes to drilling solutions.

Weber Products not made in the USA

Some of the weber products that are manufactured in third-world countries are discussed below.

The spirit series is the product of China. The genesis two series has its part amalgamated by globally source components. Also, the original kettle charcoal grill is a product of globally sourced components. The summit series goes through the same globally sourced components. The q series also suffers the same fate.


George Stephen has created this fantastic outdoor American barbecue machine, one of the best grills worldwide. However, the company cannot claim that their products are made in the USA, but they are the sole proprietor and one of the essential parts of producing some of the best grills one can ever find in the marketplace.

Thus, if you ever face confusion while using the Weber products of their origin, you can read this guide to satiate your confusion.